Marketing Faculty

Sean Blair

Assistant Professor

  • Consumer behavior
  • How fundamental human motivations, such as the motives for control and self-presentation, influence consumer judgment and decision-making
  • Corporate responsibility

Simon Blanchard

Associate Professor and Barket Family Faculty Fellow

  • Consumer psychology
  • Empirical and statistical models
  • Credit card repayment/consumer debt
  • Personal finance and budget
  • Consumers and branding
  • Language skill: French

Rob Britton

Adjunct Professor

  • Advertising campaign development
  • Crisis communications.
  • Airline industry
  • Marketing and operations
  • IT
  • International planning
  • Consumer marketing
  • Communications and leadership

Michael Czinkota

Associate Professor

  • Exporting
  • Export promotion
  • International business and trade
  • Export development strategies
  • The linkage between terrorism and international business

Tatiana L. Dyachenko

Assistant Professor

  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer psychology
  • Marketing decision-making

Karthik Easwar

Assistant Professor

  • Consumer psychology.
  • The influence of affect, emotion, and culture on consumer information processing
  • Decision-making
  • Consumption
  • Consumer bias
  • Marketing strategy
  • Retailing
  • Brand positioning/branding
  • Advertising and public policy
  • Sector knowledge: health, consumer packaged goods, financial behaviors (investments, budgets, etc.)
  • Language Skill: Tamil

Ronald C. Goodstein

Associate Professor

  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Positioning
  • Ethnicity in marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Healthcare industry marketing

Rebecca Hamilton

Michael and Robin Psaros Endowed Chair in Business Administration

  • Consumer decision-making
  • Consumer choices
  • Consumer behavior
  • How consumer preferences change when they consume products and services
  • Social influences in consumer behavior

Chris Hydock

Assistant Research Professor and Research Director of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research

  • Consumer behavior
  • Political/social consumption
  • Consumer problems
  • Technology adoption
  • Nutrition facts panels
  • Pricing models
  • Survey response bias

Prashant Malaviya

Associate Professor and Senior Associate Dean of MBA programs

  • Consumer psychology
  • Advertising
  • New media effectiveness and branding.
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media
  • Consumer decision-making
  • Brand equity
  • Effect crisis communication has on a brand
  • Brand turn-around strategy
  • Consumer relations
  • Language Skill: Hindi

William Novelli

Distinguished Professor of the Practice

  • Nonprofit management
  • Social marketing
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Public relations
  • Communications
  • Aging well

Neeru Paharia

Associate Professor

  • Consumer behavior
  • Signaling through brands, social media, political consumption, moral psychology and digital marketing

Charles Skuba

Professor of the Practice and Senior Associate Dean for Executive Custom Programs

  • International business
  • Global branding
  • Marketing strategies
  • Free trade agreements
  • U.S. international trade policy
  • Market development in India, China, and emerging markets
  • Foreign direct investment

Robert Thomas

Assistant professor

  • Product development
  • Market segmentation
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Innovation
  • New product development and forecasting
  • Organizational buying behavior

Debora Thompson

Beyer Family Term Associate Professor

  • Consumer behavior
  • Decision-making
  • Information processing
  • Attitude change
  • Decision difficulty
  • Consumer preference
  • Feature creep and fatigue
  • Comparative advertising

Luc Wathieu


  • Marketing research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Pricing
  • Internet (e.g., daily deal websites)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Issues related to research in business