MBA Student Gives Back to Hometown

November 20, 2012

Despite being busy with coursework, Robert Johnson, an MBA student at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, has been traveling back to his hometown of Staten Island, N.Y., to volunteer with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

“Part of why I came to Georgetown is because its values of giving back to others are greatly in line with my own family values,” Johnson said. “November at Georgetown McDonough is our Month of Volunteerism, and with the overwhelming amount of help my hometown needed I could not think of a better place to offer my service.”

Johnson was born and raised on Staten Island, one of the New York City boroughs greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Made up of primarily working class neighborhoods and mostly family owned businesses, Staten Island is considered the deadliest zone in the city and also one of the hard-to-reach areas for rescue efforts. Among his volunteer contributions is driving up from Maryland to New York transporting gasoline for relatives who are unable to obtain gas locally.

“I've seen people's houses completely washed away to the Atlantic Ocean and the only remnants are the concrete foundations. I have friends who have not had power for 2 weeks and others that have lost family and friends,” Johnson adds. “When putting all of this in perspective I feel as though making the 8-hour round trip to help my neighbors rebuild and recover is the least I can do and will continue to do so until the recovery is complete.”

-- Joan Lim