MBA Students Engage in Independent Study to Support Wounded Veterans

November 29, 2011

This semester, three MBA students partnered with veteran support organization Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB) in an independent study to develop the organization’s advocacy program to support wounded veterans and their families.

“The independent study was designed to help what all of us believe is a very important non-profit wounded veteran charity,” said second-year MBA student Caryn Bonner, who worked with classmates Rob Berra and Mark Wise on the project.
The students’ work evolved into the creation and implementation of a Team RWB Chapter Charter. The charter outlines the growth strategy of Team RWB, describing how new chapters can be created and the steps and processes that a chapter leader must take in order to ensure adoption into the Team RWB system.
“One critical lesson learned has been the complexity involved in operating in a non-profit community,” Berra said. “Team RWB faces a tough fight to accomplish a worthy goal of supporting service members. The non-profit community has an army of supporters wanting to volunteer their time and energy, but it must be focused and controlled in a manner that achieves the most effective results for the wounded community.”
With many troops returning home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan over the next year, the students hope their work will create dialogue in the university community to better understand the needs of servicemen and women returning to school.
“We hope the Georgetown community can gain an understanding of the need of our returning service men and women, especially those directly injured in combat,” Wise said. “The easiest means of demonstrating support is through communication and dialogue, however, more impacting and beneficial is a willingness to listen and learn about the military, its mission, and the amazing challenges faced and conquered by our brave service members to welcome them into the Georgetown community.”
-- Lamar Dawson