MBA Students Use Video Conferencing in Job Search

December 09, 2011

Nine Georgetown MBA students recently gathered in a room in the MBA Career Center to meet with representatives of the Asian Development Bank in Manila. The students patiently waited for the employees of the bank to arrive, which they did – virtually by video conference. The bankers were calling in 12 time zones away.

This scene will become more common at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, as the MBA Career Center recently purchased video conferencing equipment that allows students to have information sessions and interviews with employers who are unable to travel to campus for recruiting. This is especially helpful for international companies, says Career Counselor Laura Kapelski, who organized the conferences.

Through this new technology, the center hopes to give Georgetown MBAs more exposure to international opportunities in their job and internship seeking efforts. Employers looking to cut back also may find video conferencing attractive, as it removes the needs for expensive travel and hotel rooms. According to Kapelski, video conferences are much more interactive than webinars, allowing recruiters to get to know the students better.