Seniors and Faculty Honored for Academic and Service Excellence

May 17, 2013
Seniors earning top academic and service honors were recognized at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Tropaia Exercises Friday, May 17, 2013, in Gaston Hall. [Watch the video.]
During the ceremony, valedictorian Russell Kreutter shared five lessons from his time at Georgetown.
First, he asked his classmates to always look for the good because there are opportunities and lessons to be found in every situation. Second, he advised them to “avoid the fundamental attribution error.” While taken from his academic studies, he applies this to everyday life by overestimating – not underestimating – those around him, rather than jumping to conclusions about others and relying on his “default settings.”
Third, Kreutter suggested seeking out “level two” moments, where interactions develop a deeper purpose and create meaning. Fourth, he implored his classmates to live in the moment after spending most of their lives planning their next steps. 
“We are about to enter the first truly unscripted part of our lives,” he said. “There is no endpoint four years from now, and it feels pretty awesome. Let’s explore the present and the diverse opportunities it provides.”
For his fifth and final lesson, Kreutter recalled something his mentor, Associate Professor Kurt Carlson, once told him: “Most people are limited in that they must know the direction in which the wind will take them. Georgetown students have the distinct and formidable challenge of deciding where they want to direct their wind, and to propel themselves and others.” 
He called upon the Jesuit value of becoming winds of change to ask his fellow graduates to make a difference. 
“It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the countless problems and injustices in our world,” he said. “The first and biggest step is that you won’t – you can’t – solve all the problems. But, do something and pour your heart into it.”  
To close the ceremony, Georgetown McDonough Dean David Thomas built upon that sentiment by reminding the students of what it means to be part of the Georgetown community.
“Today, each of you has received your awards as individuals. But, I feel obligated to remind you that you have been part of a larger project – a project that began in 1789 with the founding of Georgetown University. A project defined by our Jesuit values to be men and women for others. To ask for more so that we can do more for the world,” he said.  
During the Tropaia Exercises, the following students and faculty were recognized by the Undergraduate Program and academic leadership:
Academic Honors
Reverend Joseph S. Sebes, S.J. Award
Quintin Eusebio
Othmar Winkler Award
Carlos Cheung
Christopher M. White
Undergraduate Dean’s Award
James S. Li
Undergraduate Program Entrepreneurship Fellows Award
James S. Li
Kevin M. Miller
Jeffrey P. Stefanis
Salutatorian Award
Amanda Applebaum
Valedictorian Award
Russell Kreutter
Accounting Awards
Deloitte Award for Accounting Excellence
Paul Berry
George Houston Accounting Achievement Award
Joshua Eiseman
Kimberly Ransom
Accounting Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Russell Kreuter
Georgetown Accounting Society Award for Service and Excellence
Lee Keller
Craig Melcher
Finance Awards 
Finance Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Amanda Applebaum
Robert and Lauren Steers Award for Excellence in Real Estate Finance
Gregory Diment
Michael G. Psaros Award for Excellence in Investments
Lee Keller
Center for Financial Markets & Policy Award for Achievement in Finance
William Skolnik
Center for Financial Markets & Policy Award for Achievement in International Finance
John Necef
Award for Achievement in Banking
Brigid Lenahan
Award for Achievement in Corporate Finance
Jeremy Baileys
Award for Achievement in Financial Services
Alison Sorrentino
Credit Suisse Award for Excellence in Finance
Robert Betz
Financial Management Association Award for Service
Christina Daquila   
Kimberly Ransom
International Business Awards
Interlink Capital Strategies International Business Scholar Award
Dunja Panic
Ilkka A. Ronkainen Award for International Business and Marketing
Jessica Douglas
International Business Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Nick Maida
Management Awards
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Ana P. Calvo
Gannett Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Arbitration and Labor Relations
Douglas B. Badini
William J. Curtin Award for Academic Excellence in Leadership
Joseph M. Friedrich
William J. Usery Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Mary B. Ciarrocchi
Swift Glass Company Award for Academic Excellence in Innovation
James S. Li
Management Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Human Capital and Human Resource Management 
Esha Maheshwari
Marketing and International Business Awards
Johny K. Johansson International Marketing Award
Caroline Vetrano
IMAX Marketing Research Award 
Laura Kelly
IMAX Marketing Scholar Award
Russell Kreutter
Marketing Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Laura Brayton
Operations and Information Management
Deloitte Award for Service in Operations and Information Management
Michael Crouch
PricewaterhouseCoopers Award for Service and Scholarship in Operations and Information Management
Megan Michaels
Operations and Information Management Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Mitchell Feinberg
Faculty Awards
Faculty Research Award
Catherine Tinsley, Professor of Management
Joseph F. LeMoine Award for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence
Arthur Dong, Teaching Professor of Strategy
Dean’s Distinguished Service Award
Stanley D. Nollen, Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy
Peter W. Gonzalez, Jr. Award for Excellence in Adjunct Faculty Teaching
James Baisey, Adjunct Professor
Academic Council Professor of the Year Student Choice Award
Charles Skuba, Professor of the Practice in Marketing