Board Member Theodore Kyriakou

Bill Anderson

Theodore Kyriakou is a ship owner and a shareholder of a 150 year-old family owned global oil shipping business, and Chairman of Antenna Group.

Kyriakou oversees an investment team managing the financial assets of the Kyriakou family. Kyriakou is a member of the Advisory Board of Cambridge University’s Centre for International Business & Management (CIBAM) and a Board Member of Endeavor Greece, a global non-profit organization supported by international business leaders. He sits on the Board of Raine Group, the New York based global merchant bank focused on technology, media and telecommunications. Raine Group manages Raine Partners and Raine Venture Partners, private equity funds focused on entertainment, digital media and sports, where Antenna Group is a cornerstone investor.

Kyriakou holds degrees in International Business and in Physics from Georgetown University, where he graduated cum laude and was awarded the Treado medal for Physics.