Students of  the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program (EFP) is designed with the entrepreneurial student in mind.

Through a blend of coursework and co-curricular activities, the EFP helps students to:

  • Understand their personal entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Learn lessons from entrepreneurial mentors and faculty
  • Bond with their entrepreneurial peers and experienced mentors
  • Pursue an entrepreneurial career in new or existing organizations


Undergraduate students at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business can earn the Entrepreneurship Fellowship by doing the following:

  • Complete course STRT 280: Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • Complete course STRT 295: Launching the Venture (3 credits)
  • Complete course MGMT 208: Entrepreneurial Practicum, which consists of at least 120 hours of supervised practical work (3 credits)
  • Compete in the Hoya Challenge business pitch competition
  • Business students are required to complete ACCT 101, while non-business students are required to complete ACCT 001.

Note: Business minors from the College are required to take ACCT 101 instead of ACCT 001.

There is some flexibility in scheduling these courses to allow students who spend a semester abroad to complete the fellowship.


If you have questions about the application or the program in general, please contact program co-directors, Daniela Brancaforte and Alyssa Lovegrove.