The work of the Parents Advisory Council is critical to the school’s ability to realize its aspiration to be recognized as a global leader in undergraduate business education. PAC members provide financial resources to help fund curricular and co-curricular programs that produce transformational educational experiences – both at Georgetown and abroad. Gifts from PAC members contribute to the Undergraduate Programs Initiatives Fund, unless otherwise directed.

To find out more about how to become a member of the PAC, please contact Tilly Carpenter. We would be delighted to discuss your potential participation.

PAC Roster 2018-19


John and Kim Abate (P'19)

Rye, NY

Patrick and Abby Adams (P'16, P'21)

Santa Monica, CA

Terence and Stacey Aquino (P'19)

Roslyn, NY

Andy and Glay Blocker (P'21)

Laurel, MD

Richard and JoAnn Catalano (P'18, P'20)

Manhasset, NY

Roger Chartouni and Carol Malouf Chartouni (P'19)

Essex Falls, NJ

Thomas and Patricia DuCharme (P'19)

Summit, NJ

Wade and Teresa Dyke (P'21)

Coral Gables, FL

Donald and Jill Everett (P'19)

Lincoln, NE

Jose Farran and Helen Munter Farran (P'20)

San Francisco, CA

Shawn and Peggy Feeney (P'14, P'17, P'19)

Summit, NJ

Mario and Dian Fini (P'19, P'22)

Hoboken, NJ

Bolo and Maria Flores (P'15, P'19)

Panama City, Panama

William and Mary Gay (P'20)

Homesdale, NY

William and Noreen Haubert (P'20)

Wilmington, DE

Patrick and Jennifer Higgins (P'16, P'22)

Short Hills, NJ

John and Meghan Hock (P'21)

Riverside, CT

Michael LaBianca & Bernadette MacArt (P'20)

Los Gatos, CA

Eugene and Lisa LeDonne (P'19)

Summit, NJ

Kirk and Molly Ludtke (P'17, P'18, P'21)

New Canaan, CT

Patrick and Susan McCloskey (P'18, P'19)

Bronxville, NY

Guillermo Pla Otañez & Monica Zobel De Ayala (P'20, P'21)

Madrid, Spain

Rob and Laurie Platek (P'13, P'18)

Rye, NY

John and Laura Przypyszny (P'20)

McLean, VA

Paul and Rebekah Simpson (P'21)

Ridgewood, NJ

Wayne and Patricia Smith (P'16, P'21)

Hingham, MA

Michael and Juli Woronoff (P'19)

Los Angeles, CA

Saul and Aviva Yoffe (P'16, P'20)

Boston, MA