Undergraduate Dean’s Fund

Tuition, the bulk of our revenue sources, only covers part of the cost of providing an education. And, until we build up our endowment, annual fund (and other current use gifts) will be necessary to supplement our budget and to provide the financial resources to develop and implement new curricular and co-curricular programs.
When we have asked you, our parents, alumni, and friends, to support something worthwhile — from funding our new facility to providing seed money for new programs to supporting faculty — you have responded unfailingly with heartwarming enthusiasm. Our drive toward preeminence, however, will require growth in philanthropy.
Dean Fund

Costs and Financial Aid

The current costs for Georgetown University McDonough School of Business can be found here. These costs are the average cost of attendance used by the Office of Student Financial Services to determine eligibility for need-based financial aid; each student's charges will be unique and will vary depending on the student's enrollment status, courses selected, room choice, board plan selection, and other variables.


Parent Advisory Council

Parents are an integral part of an undergraduate student’s education. To keep parents up to date, the Undergraduate Program Office publishes a quarterly newsletter and invites parents to many events throughout the year.
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