Leonardo Gonzalez

Hi! My name is Leonardo Gonzalez and I am a McDonough peer ambassador.

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Class: 2020

Major: Operations and Information Management and Finance

Extracurricular Activities: PorColombia, Director of Public Relations; Smart Start @ PwC

Interesting Fact About Me: Although I am from Colombia, I have lived in Panama for 15 years.

What made you choose Georgetown's McDonough School of Business? Definitely the school’s perfect balance between rigorous academic expectations and willing professors that want their students to always succeed.

What are the best things about being a Hoya?  The community. Being a Hoya is something that you will be able to have as part of your identity, and the people you will meet here will help you throughout your professional life.

Why do you love D.C.?  D.C. has the best of both worlds. In no other campus can you get a place that is so close to one of the most important political centers of the world while at the same time having a peaceful campus in a great neighborhood.

Share a defining and/or transformative classroom/educational moment?  Going to office hours for my classes! At first the concept seemed weird to me, but it really is a great opportunity for you to connect with your professors.

What is your advice to incoming Hoyas?  Don’t worry! People may seem as if they have it all figured out, but in reality everyone is just as lost as you are!