Hi! My name is Luis Rosales and I am a McDonough peer ambassador.

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Class: 2019

Major: Finance

Extracurricular Activities: Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society, Georgetown Collegiate Investors, Georgetown University Investment Office

Interesting Fact About Me: I was born in El Salvador and moved to the states when I was nine.

What made you choose Georgetown's McDonough School of Business?  The McDonough School of Business is rooted in Georgetown University’s values, specifically that of being men and women for others. This translates to using our business education to, not only becoming ethically responsible business leaders, but also to using our business education to empower our community. The vision of the McDonough School of Business is a perfect fit with my goal of using business skills to assists emerging economies and third world countries.

What are the best things about being a Hoya? The community. The first thing that stood out to me about Georgetown is its culture and welcoming student body. I immediately felt at home after transferring to the Hilltop. This is also evident in its alumni group. I feel comfortable reaching out to Hoya alums for advice and assistance and they are more than willing to help. Hoyas are a tight-knit community.

Why do you love D.C.? There is always something new to do and explore in D.C. I am from the D.C. area and I feel like still I have much to discover. Sometimes, friends from outside the area will show me new restaurants and sites that I have never been to before.

Share a defining and/or transformative classroom/educational moment? One of my favorite classes has been Organizational Behavior with Professor Brooks Holtom. I loved this class because it focused on the cohesiveness behind an effective organization. It forced me to step out of my own worldview and take on other’s perspectives. Now, when approaching new situations, I am more conscious and aware about effective communication and the different factors that come into play when working in teams.

What is your advice to incoming Hoyas? Reach out to peers that are following similar interests. Seniors and juniors are a great resource to explore different career paths or simply different clubs on campus. They can provide a genuine student perspective. Reach out to them while they are still on the Hilltop!