Hi! My name is Rachel Armstrong and I am a McDonough peer ambassador.

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Class: 2018

Major: Marketing, & Management

Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Swim Team, McDonough School of Business Peer Ambassador and Leadership Program

Interesting Fact About Me: In elementary school I convinced my friends that Neil Armstrong was my uncle. Some of them asked for my autograph.

What made you choose Georgetown's McDonough School of Business? The McDonough School of Business provides students with the opportunity to learn useful business skills and tools from distinguished professors across many backgrounds. I am interested in pursuing a business career in the sports industry and believed that McDonough was the best place to prepare for such a career.

What are the best things about being a Hoya? Having the opportunity to meet and learn from so many interesting and diverse individuals. Our student body is extremely inclusive, and there is a place for everyone.

Why do you love D.C.? What’s not to love? D.C. has pretty much anything you could ask for—National monuments, awesome restaurants, museums, professional sports, cherry blossoms, and so much more. Also, if you’re not a city person there are great places and parks to escape to, such as Roosevelt Island.

Share a defining and/or transformative classroom/educational moment?  My freshman year I took Appalachian Literature and it was one of the best classes I’ve taken so far.  We had a feast with live music at the end of the year and our professor invited us to make pies at her house! It was so different and I learned so much.

What is your advice to incoming Hoyas?  Explore! You only get four years at this wonderful place, so take classes that interest you, get out and actually see D.C., and don’t be afraid to try new things or ask for help when you need it.