Hi! My name is Selina Wang and I am a McDonough peer ambassador.

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Class: 2019

Major: Business in Biotechnology

Extracurricular Activities: Hilltop Consultants, Global Platinum Securities, The Investment Office

Interesting Fact About Me: My favorite ice-cream flavor is hazelnut.

What made you choose Georgetown's McDonough School of Business? The friendly disposition of Georgetown students made the school very attractive to me.

What are the best things about being a Hoya? The best thing about being a Hoya comes with being surrounded by other highly intelligent individuals. I learn just as much, if not more, from my peers as I do from professors.

Why do you love D.C.? I love DC because it is a walkable city. I love walking around the monuments late at night and visiting local restaurants with friends.

Share a defining and/or transformative classroom/educational moment: For me, transformative educational moments occur when I see how topics I learn about in class apply directly to my job at the University’s Investment Office. Seeing confluence in my daily involvements shows me the value of my Georgetown education.

What is your advice to incoming Hoyas? Your initial expectations for Georgetown may not prove to be true; therefore, I urge you to keep an open mind. As a first year student, you are actually in an advantageous position where you have the potential to develop in different ways, so utilize that potential by joining off-the-wall clubs and taking unconventional classes.