The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics brings together the finest scholars and best teachers from different fields to advance understanding of the ethical issues inherent in the functioning of the market society. The institute’s mission is to:

1. Produce high-quality research on matters related to the ethics of markets and the ethical challenges individuals encounter when functioning in the market environment.

2. Develop courses and pedagogical tools to advance the teaching of professional ethics and the exploration of the moral foundation of the market society.

3. Create externally oriented programs designed both to educate the broader, non-academic community about ethical issues related to the functioning of markets and bring ethical considerations to bear on policy decisions regarding the regulation of markets.


The institute’s comprehensive approach to the study of markets and ethics extends beyond the exploration of ethical questions related to business people functioning in the organizational setting to include issues surrounding law and law enforcement policy and the pressures of conducting business in a political environment with rules that are subject to change.

Headquartered at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, the institute’s fellows are drawn from all divisions of Georgetown University. Its projects are designed to bring insight from business ethics, law, political science, public policy, and economics to the ethical issues endemic to the market society.

  • Georgetown McDonough New Faculty
    Twelve New Faculty Join Georgetown McDonough

    This year Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business welcomed four new tenured and tenure-track faculty members, as well as eight visiting faculty members, teaching professors, lecturers, and faculty fellows.

  • GISME Ethics Conference 2017
    Teaching the Teachers: The Georgetown Approach to Ethics Education

    The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (GISME) hosted its second annual “Workshop on Teaching Professional Ethics through Experiential Learning: The Georgetown Approach” June 1-3. As business schools grow and the demand for ethics integrated in the curriculum grows along with them, GISME continues to play a leading role as a center that educates a new generation of business ethics professors.

  • scholars discuss criminal law
    Georgetown University Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics Hosts Scholars of Criminal Law

    The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (GISME) hosted a unique symposium on criminal law at the Georgetown Law Center on March 31. The symposium, "Crime Without Fault: The Justifiability of Public Welfare Offenses and the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine" brought together 12 of the nation’s leading criminal law scholars to discuss the justifiability of punishing those who commit "public welfare offenses"– crimes that require no intent or knowledge that one is breaking the law.

Questions or inquiries about the institute can be sent to its director, Michael Douma, at