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Global Business Experience (GBE)

As a leader in global business education, Georgetown McDonough seeks to provide all students the opportunity to travel abroad to consult either within an industry or with specific Fortune 500 companies. The program is required of all graduate students and is an elective for undergraduates. Working in small teams, students partner with executives from multinational organizations to address complex business challenges.

The Baratta Center for Global Business board will leverage its industry relationships to help secure consulting engagements for student teams from our MBA and undergraduate programs.

Prior to the trips, students collaborate remotely for several months. Then, they spend one week in the client’s country to present their final recommendations to the organization’s leadership. Full-time MBA students take the trip during the spring semester, and Flex and Evening Program students travel during the summer. A sample of client organizations our students have consulted for includes:

In 2022, Georgetown McDonough’s Global Business Experience will send students to four continents to consult on 116 projects in various areas, including market entry, market development, communications, innovation strategy, competitive strategy, and global growth strategy.

In the last 15 years, student teams have traveled to Prague, Rome, Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Beijing, Delhi, and Cape Town, among many other cities, working for clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to global enterprises, from public- to private-sector institutions, and from local to international corporations.

Tianlun Hao (MBA’17)

“Tianlun Hao (MBA’17)

“The GBE course proved to me that being successful in global business is not only about applying the frameworks, but also about understanding cultural differences and developing the right mindset .””

Alex Cole (MBA’18)

“Alex Cole (MBA’18)

“GBE helped me to be more comfortable speaking the universal business language and more adept at understanding other cultures and how they employ business fundamentals.””

Ananya Chowla (B'22)

“Ananya Chowla (B’22)

“I really enjoyed taking the Global Business Experience. It was such a culturally and professionally enriching experience, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of an in-person global consulting project with Uber.””

GBE Brochure Cover

Global Business Experience Brochure

Global Business Experience empowers students to more fully understand how business is conducted around the world. As a leader in global business education, Georgetown McDonough offers students the opportunity to travel abroad to consult either within an industry or within specific Fortune 500 companies.

GBE Brochure