Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy

The Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy Area is dedicated to forging and disseminating an improved understanding of the firm and its interaction with the external environment beyond the market. Students are prepared for careers at the intersection of business and politics, regulation, and society.

The strategy, economics, ethics, and public policy faculty includes expertise in telecommunications policy, leadership, trade, and corporate social responsibility.

The area includes individuals whose primary research and teaching interests lie in economics, international business, international political economy, organizational theory and strategy.

Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy Classes


The Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy Area draws strength from multiple disciplines. We are home to economists, political scientists, strategists, organizational theorists, political philosophers, and ethicists. Our research interests include applied economic analysis, competitive and corporate strategy, economic and political analysis of public policy, international economics, political theory, and business ethics.

The area’s economic, political science, and strategy scholars have expertise and experience in a number of industries, including telecommunications, railroads, pharmaceuticals, electricity, cement, legal services, venture capital, private equity, semiconductors, and biopharmaceuticals, along with topical expertise and experience in regulation, antitrust, innovation, and international trade policy formation. The area’s political philosophers and ethicists explore both positive and normative elements of ethical behavior of managers and the ethical problems that arise in a regulated market economy (e.g., federal white-collar criminal law and enforcement policy).

Sahar Akhtar

Visiting Professor

Professor Akhtar’s Bio

Paul Almeida

Dean and William R. Berkley Chair; Professor

Professor Almeida’s Bio

Jason Brennan

Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor

Professor Brennan’s Bio

Jasmina Chauvin​

Assistant Professor; Graham Family Fellow

Professor Chauvin’s Bio

Leslie Rogers Crutchfield

Adjunct Professor, Executive Director, Business for Impact

Professor Crutchfield’s Bio

Arthur T. Dong

Teaching Professor

Professor Dong’s Bio

Michael Douma

Assistant Research Professor; Director, Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics

Professor Douma’s Bio

David Dunahay

Adjunct Professor

Professor Dunahay’s Bio

William English

Assistant Professor

Professor English’s Bio

Scott Ganz

Visiting Assistant Professor

Professor Ganz’s Bio

Rahul Gupta

Assistant Professor

Professor Gupta’s Bio

John Hasnas

Professor; Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics

Professor Hasnas’s Bio

Peter Jaworski

Associate Teaching Professor

Professor Jaworkski’s Bio

J. Bradford Jensen

McCrane/Shaker Chair in International Business; Professor

Professor Jensen’s Bio

Catherine Langlois

Professor Emeritus

Professor Langlois’s Bio

Lizhi Liu

Assistant Professor; Anderson Family Fellow

Professor Liu’s Bio

Jeffrey T. Macher

Professor; Area Coordinator; Academic Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Professor Macher’s Bio

John W. Mayo

Professor; Elsa Carlson McDonough Chair in Business Administration; Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Professor Mayo’s Bio

Nathan Miller

Saleh Romeih Associate Professor

Professor Miller’s Bio

Ferdinando Monte

Associate Professor

Professor Monte’s Bio

William Novelli

Distinguished Professor of the Practice; Founder, Business for Impact

Joseph Podwol

Adjunct Professor

Professor Podwol’s Bio

Charly Porcher

Assistant Professor

Professor Porcher’s Bio

Dennis P. Quinn

Vice-Dean and John J. Powers, Jr., Professor in International Business

Professor Quinn’s Bio

Pietra Rivoli

Professor and Executive Director, Georgetown Pivot Program

Professor Rivoli’s Bio

Damian Saccocio

Adjunct Professor

Professor Saccocio’s Bio

Hal J. Singer

Adjunct Professor

Professor Singer’s Bio

Edward Soule

Associate Professor

Professor Soule’s Bio

Stephen Weymouth

Associate Professor; Dewey Awad Family Faculty Fellow

Professor Weymouth’s Bio

Mark Whitener

Adjunct Professor

Professor Whitener’s Bio

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