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Alumni Networking Groups

Alumni Ambassador Program

In order to ensure that our alumni have the best community available, we believe that alumni must be involved from the admissions process, through Georgetown, and onward. Our team of Alumni Ambassadors represent Georgetown McDonough  throughout the United States and across the globe. They bring together our graduates through events and other networking activities.

MBA Alumni Advisory Council

The mission of the MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MAAC) is to strengthen the engagement of Georgetown McDonough MBA alumni in the activities of the school and among the members of core constituencies — MBA alumni, students, and faculty and staff — toward the broader goals of the program.

Committee for Impactful Relationships for C-Level Executives

The Committee for Impactful Relationships for C-Level Executives (CIRCLE) will strengthen the engagement and networking capability of Georgetown McDonough’s executive degree programs and alumni while increasing general awareness of the school’s degree offerings, alumni, and students. CIRCLE members are charged with advising the senior associate dean for executive degree programs on curricular, co-curricular, and alumni programs; promoting broader alumni engagement; and collaborating with the Office of Alumni Relations to increase alumni engagement.

Master of Science in Finance Advisory Council

The MSF Advisory Council will serve as a critical link between the MSF and industry. Members serve two-year terms and are charged with advising the program’s leadership on a wide range of areas including curriculum, new initiatives, student career readiness, corporate outreach, and corporate engagement. Council members also are encouraged to connect with alumni and current students during major events and to serve as ambassadors for the MSF program within the business community. 

Alumni Social Networks

Graduates of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business are encouraged to follow the Office of Alumni Relations on the following platforms:

Networking Opportunities

Georgetown University and the McDonough School of Business frequently host networking events in cities around the nation and across the world. These events offer opportunities for alumni to meet fellow Georgetown University alumni, build social capital and networks within their industry, explore internship opportunities and broaden their career search with the help of fellow Hoyas.

Hoya Gateway

Hoya Gateway is a new and innovative program that facilitates career-related conversations between current Georgetown students and alumni. It creates an opportunity for generations of Hoyas to connect for in-person, one-on-one meetings in the form of an informational interview, resume review, or mock interview. Hoya Gateway is a good way for alumni to teach students the power of networking and to help students to network before they graduate.

Georgetown Alumni Online

Staying in touch with your school and fellow Hoyas has never been easier. Check out the many ways to connect with Georgetown’s 200,000+ alumni all over the world through regional club initiatives and a broad array of social, educational, charitable, athletic, and fundraising events.


Chicago Business Alliance

The Georgetown University Chicago Business Alliance is a professional community for alumni, parents, and friends interested in networking, mentoring, and raising Georgetown’s profile in the Midwestern business community. Modeled after the Wall Street Alliance in New York, which has enjoyed 20 years of success, the Chicago Business Alliance launched in 2011 and is committed to serving the community by broadening the opportunities for engagement among alumni and friends throughout the Midwest.

London City Alliance

The London City Alliance was developed utilizing the same model of the Wall Street Alliance, essentially creating a professional networking community among those who work in financial services. The London City Alliance brings together alumni, parents, students, and friends who have an interest in networking, mentoring, career counseling, and promoting Georgetown’s profile in the London financial service community, as well as in Europe and the Middle East.

Entertainment and Media Alliance

Founded in 2002, the Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance (GEMA) aims to elevate Georgetown’s profile in the entertainment and media community by strengthening the ties between the university and its alumni and by developing relevant programs and resources for both alumni and current Georgetown students. Comprising alumni, students, parents, and friends affiliated with the media and entertainment industry, GEMA has grown to more than 2,000 members representing a diversity of specialties including film, television, theater, publishing, music, sports, journalism, public relations, and many other fields in media and entertainment. GEMA is organized in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington.

Technology Alliance

Georgetown Technology Alliance (GTA) creates opportunities for shared learning and service around technology and biotech issues while deepening ties between this business community and Georgetown University. The GTA is located in the Bay area of California.

Entrepreneurship Alliance

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance is alumni-led and academically integrated with the entire university. The goal of the Entrepreneurship Alliance is to create an international footprint for catalyzing entrepreneurship at Georgetown by engaging alumni to increase and expand existing entrepreneurial programming at the university.

Real Estate Alliance

In partnership with the Wall Street Alliance, the Georgetown University Real Estate Alliance seeks to enhance the discipline of real estate through the Steers Center for Global Real Estate at the McDonough School of Business and develop a community of alumni, parents, and friends who are in the real estate industry.

Wall Street Alliance

The Wall Street Alliance brings together more than 8,000 Georgetown alumni, parents, and friends in the financial community. Georgetown University alumni have developed into a significant force in the Wall Street financial community. The group works to raise Georgetown’s profile and that of its alumni, parents, and friends in financial services and other business; to create and participate in networking opportunities for financial professionals; to provide networking, mentoring, and scholarship support to current and future Georgetown students; and to build relationships between members‘ firms and the university for the mutually beneficial exchange of resources.

International Affairs Alliance

Founded in 2010, the Georgetown Global Affairs Alliance is an alumni-inspired endeavor connecting Georgetown graduates who work in the fields of diplomacy and development, broadly defined—ranging from employees of the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to consultants and contractors. It is meant to bring together both SFS and non-SFS graduates with opportunities to build professional relationships and attend special events that are relevant to the field.