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Alumni group in Palo Alto

The Alumni Ambassador Program is an association of appointed alumni leaders who work directly with the Georgetown McDonough’s Office of Alumni and External Relations and school administrators to engage in community building and promote a strong alumni experience for all graduates. This group of global alumni advises the school as it develops its alumni engagement strategy for specific geographical locations, companies, or communities. The primary focus of the Alumni Ambassadors is to empower alumni to take part in building out Georgetown University’s powerful alumni network.

To ensure that our alumni have the best community available, we believe our graduates must be involved from the admissions process through the student experience and onward both at the business school and among other powerful alumni networking groups at the university level. Currently, we have more than 25 global alumni ambassadors who have been active business leaders for Georgetown McDonough and who have been connected with university-wide alumni networking groups. 

Alumni Ambassador Team: Regions and their Leaders




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