McDonough School of Business

Alumni Facts and Figures

Global Alumni Network

29,260Georgetown McDonough alumni in North America & Canada
454Georgetown McDonough alumni in Latin America
738Georgetown McDonough alumni in Europe
307Georgetown McDonough alumni in Middle East & Africa
56Georgetown McDonough alumni in Australia & Pacific Islands
859Georgetown McDonough alumni in Asia

Top Cities Where Our Alumni Live

(1) New York, N.Y.
(2) Washington, D.C.
(3) San Francisco, C.A.
(4) Chicago, I.L.
(5) Boston, M.A.

Alumni by Program

Top McDonough Industries

(1) Consulting
(2) Entrepreneurship
(3) Financial Services
(4) Healthcare
(5) Non-Profit/Government
(6) Technology

Top Employers

Employment Reports

View employments reports from our most recent graduates to see employment and internship statistics.