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As a member of the Georgetown MSF community, you will study alongside students who bring a tremendous diversity of work experience, personal backgrounds, and academic credentials. Our student body encompasses the entire career lifespan – from those just starting their careers to those who are in senior management roles. This diversity enriches your networking connections and enables us to individualize our career and executive coaching to help you – regardless of where you are in your own career – to develop a personalized strategy for career success.

Core Services

Career Advising and Executive Coaching

One-on-one career advising and executive coaching sessions (virtual and in-person) are the cornerstone of our services. Both students and alumni have access to advising and coaching appointments focused on a variety of topics, including:

Interview Preparation

From case interviews to behavioral interview questioning techniques, the hiring process today requires that you be on top of your game when you are invited to interview with any firm. We provide access to digital tools to help you prepare for an interview, as well as one-on-one mock interviews to help you sharpen your responses and receive feedback on both body language and overall communication skills.  

Job and Internship Postings

MSF students have access to the Georgetown University Recruitment Portal, Handshake. Handshake is a shared resource among campus career center partners and provides up-to-date listings of full-time, part-time, and internship listings. In addition, our office publishes the MSF Jobs Digest, a biweekly list of positions that we specifically sourced from employers, alumni, and partners.

Career Curriculum

Summer Career Bootcamp

Our career bootcamps are offered to incoming students prior to the start of classes. Launched in 2018 to support our full-time traditional track students, these intensive workshops provide in-depth support for students seeking summer internships between year one and two or full-time employment near the beginning of the program. Now open to students in all tracks, the bootcamps are offered in two formats: a four-week program from mid-April to May or a half-day intensive program as part of orientation weekend.

Fall Career Strategy Course

This 16-week, one-credit, pass-fail, fall semester course provides participants with the tools, resources, techniques, and access necessary to be ready to leverage the MSF degree both in the short and the long-term.

Designed primarily for our full-time traditional track students, students in the course benefit from the semester-long format, which allows for individual exploration of career options through group exercises, self-awareness activities, experiences, and one-on-one career and leadership coaching. The curriculum focuses on the foundational business, communication, networking, leadership, personal branding and professional image, negotiation, job search, interviewing, presentation, and relationship management skills that are necessary to secure an internship or full-time position.

Questions about either of these career programs should be directed to career services at

Summer Clinics

One of the biggest challenges for graduate students (especially those who work full-time while in our program) is gaining new experiences that can help facilitate a “career pivot” more closely aligned with the MSF degree. Our summer clinics are designed primarily for our part-time traditional students who can participate in this experience without leaving their current employment.  Students work in small teams on challenging, in-depth, fast-paced projects with corporate clients in a wide-range of content areas. These eight-week experiences blend virtual learning (weekly 90-minute sessions with a faculty advisor) and an in-person intensive weekend and final presentation in true Georgetown MSF fashion.  The experience is an excellent opportunity to test-drive a career field, develop or expand existing skills, and gain valuable experience to utilize when discussing your skills and experiences in an interview situation. 

Winter Clinics

Students in our accelerated 10-month program seek to complete the degree in a quick and efficient manner.  To allow students in this program the opportunity to leverage what they are learning through their coursework, we launched the MSF Winter Clinics.  Open to accelerated students, this program is entirely virtual and pairs students in small teams to work on projects, guided by a faculty advisor, with prominent companies.  The eight-week experience culminates in a final presentation to executives and corporate sponsors and serves as an internship-like experience that can be leveraged, along with the degree, for future career aspirations.

MSF City Visits and Programs

MSF students live and work across the United States and in several cities abroad. Today’s global job market means many students seek to relocate to best leverage their degree. For several years, the MSF Program has hosted an MSFinNYC event that brings together alumni, current students, and industry experts in panel discussions, company visits, and networking receptions. We also host gatherings in other cities across the United States where finance and consulting positions are concentrated. Check with MSF Career Services for more information on upcoming events.

Career Fairs

MSF students have access to on-campus employer presentations, information sessions, coffee chats, and the university’s fall on-campus career fair held each September through our partnership with other career centers on campus. In addition, we partner with organizations across the country who hold online career fairs and information sessions that are perfect for students outside the Washington, D.C., area.  From specialized career fairs for veterans to lunchtime webinars discussing an individual company’s culture, the ability to connect with employers helps MSF students establish rapport and build relationships with recruiters.


The MSF Office of Career Services is your partner in building your company’s brand, recruiting MSF talent, and engaging with our students through meaningful collaborations and special projects. Our students are highly competitive in the marketplace and are looking for positions that allow them to utilize their knowledge, deep passion for finance, and diverse backgrounds to have an impact. Please take a moment to learn more about us and the many opportunities we offer to work together.

MSF Alumni Offerings

As an MSF graduate, we hope you will remain connected to the program and participate actively by sharing your successes, expertise, and industry insights. Alumni are encouraged to attend events held around the world, and we can always use your help in making introductions to hiring managers and others who seek to hire MSF talent.

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