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In today’s data-driven world, accounting information significantly influences decisions made by management teams and the behavior of investors, creditors, policymakers, consumers, supply chain partners, and employees. Our courses help students understand the best ways to measure and communicate an organization’s financial and non-financial activities.

The Accounting and Business Law faculty is a diverse group that helps Undergraduate, Graduate, and Executive students develop the skills they need to excel in today’s data-driven business environment. Our curriculum combines foundational accounting and financial analysis skills with leading-edge business analytics skills and soft skills such as leadership and critical thinking. Our students frequently accept positions in financial services (banking, hedge funds, private equity), startups and large corporations (roles in marketing, operations, corporate finance, business development), consulting, public accounting, and not-for-profit. Our students also pursue roles in government agencies as policymakers focusing on capital market regulation. As financial and non-financial information is pervasive in data-driven organizations, accounting knowledge is critical in many data analytics applications.

Our academic research seeks to inform real-world decisions and enhance the student learning experience. We take a multidisciplinary approach integrating economics and finance with broader perspectives on fundamental organizational practices, the global business environment, and public policy trends to meet these needs.

Accounting and Business Law Faculty

Kirsten Anderson

Teaching Professor

William Baber

Emeritus Professor
Robert E. McDonough Professor; Area Coordinator

Thomas Cooke

Distinguished Teaching Professor

James Dalkin

Business Title Adjunct Lecturer- SCS MPS Real Estate

Aishwarrya Deore

Assistant Professor

James Hemelt

Adjunct Professor

Gilles Hilary

Houston Professor
Houston Term Professor

Yaqin Hu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Allison Koester

Saleh Romeih Associate Professor

Reining Petacchi

Dottie and Tim Hobin Associate Professor

Rama Ramamurthy

Teaching Professor

Mark Rouchard

Adjunct Professor

Jason Schloetzer

William and Karen Sonneborn Term Associate Professorship and Area Coordinator, Accounting

Nina Simon

Adjunct Professor

James Sinclair

Adjunct Professor

Garry Stone

Adjunct Professor

Wei Tang

Associate Professor

Xiaoli Tian

Associate Professor

Andrew Ting

Adjunct Professor

Ayung Tseng

Visiting Assistant Professor

Yifang Xie

Assistant Professor

Viktoriya Zotova

Visiting Assistant Professor | Affiliate Visiting Scholar

Recent Research

Gilles Hilary. Blockchain and Other Distributed Ledger Technologies, An Advanced Primer. In Innovative Technology at the Interface of Finance and Operations (V. Babich, J. Birge and G.Hilary (eds)). Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, forthcoming, Springer Nature.

Jason D. SchloetzerAyung Tseng; Teri Lombardi Yohn; and Yeo Sang Yoon. Blame Attribution and Disclosure Propensity. The Accounting Review (2021) 96 (4): 405–432.

Matthew Cronin; David H. ErkensJason D. Schloetzer; and Catherine H. Tinsley. How Controlling Failure Perceptions Affects Performance: Evidence from a Field Experiment.  The Accounting Review (2021) 96 (2): 205–230.

Mary E. Barth; Wayne R. Landsman: Xiaoli (Shaolee) Tian; and Miaomiao Yu. Does Voluntary Disclosure Substitute for Mandatory Disclosure? Evidence from Contract Redactions. (April 13, 2021).

Daniel Aobdia; Allison Koester; and Reining Petacchi. The Politics of Government Resource Allocation: Evidence from U.S. State Government Awarded Economic Incentives. (January 26, 2021).

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