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Georgetown Receives Recognition for Exceptional Process Mining Education

Celonis, the leader in process mining data analytics, recognized Georgetown University as a Process Mining Academic Center of Excellence for its cutting-edge use of process mining curriculum. Georgetown University is one of only four institutions in the United States to receive this year’s recognition. Karen Kitching, a teaching professor at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, has integrated Celonis into the course, Managerial Accounting for Decision Making. 

Through hands-on assignments and certification opportunities, the accounting course exposes students to technology like Celonis and helps upskill students with the analytical skills used in business management. Students gain practical knowledge and confidence to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and drive improvement within the organization. 

“The purpose is to give students a digital mindset,” said Kitching. “I want them to have curiosity about technology. I want them to be able to understand that they can self-teach, learn, and be prepared for the workforce.”

Over 450 of Kitching’s students have been exposed to process mining analytics since last year. The Celonis Process Mining Execution Management System extracts information from enterprise systems to provide managers with insights into their business operations. By visualizing these processes, Celonis enables organizations to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization.

The impact of process mining education extends beyond the classroom. Students who have completed the coursework recognize the value of these skills and have positioned themselves for success in a competitive job market. 

“Many students have secured summer internships simply because they included their proficiency in process mining and other relevant tools on their resume,” said Kitching. “In fact, students often come to my office hours to show me what they are trying to accomplish so we can work together to address their challenges.” 

The recognition enhances McDonough’s commitment to innovation in business education and continues to achieve the broader goals of the AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative.

Jason Schloetzer, area chair of accounting and business law, believes integrating accounting and business education with technology distinguishes McDonough from other schools. 

“This recognition from Celonis shows we’re doing a wonderful job in helping students prepare for the realities they’ll face after graduation,” said Schloetzer. “Those realities go beyond technical software. Our students can understand how technology will transform basic business functions, and this sets us apart.” 

Looking ahead, McDonough aims to build on this success by continuing to strengthen its technology-driven business curriculum. With plans to introduce new tools and certifications, the school is committed to fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation among its students. 

“People usually say you should take a math class because it makes you less afraid of math,” said Schloetzer. “In this kind of setting, when students experience new tools, it should help them embrace new technologies for making data-driven business decisions.”

With the support of forward-thinking faculty, the school remains at the forefront of preparing the next generation of business leaders for success in the digital age.

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