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McDonough School of Business

MBA Alumni Advisory Council

MBA Alumni Advisory Board 2023 standing on the stairs inside the Hariri building at the McDonough School of Business

The mission of the MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MAAC) is to strengthen the engagement of Georgetown McDonough MBA alumni in the activities of the school and among the members of core constituencies — MBA alumni, students, and faculty and staff — toward the broader goals of the program.

Specifically, MAAC members have the following responsibilities:

MAAC Members

Elizabeth Ross-Ronchi (MBA’99)

MAAC Chair
Senior Executive, Advisor

Laura Beyer (MBA’15)

Senior Director of Partnerships, TED Conferences

Shubber Ali (MBA’94)

CEO and Founder

Leland Bishop (MBA’02)

Vice President, Liberty Capitol Group Institutional Consulting

John Bottimore (MBA’87)

Aerospace and Defense Business Development Consulting, Global Defense Growth Advisors LLC

AJ Brancaccio (MBA’02)

CEO and Founder, Financial Capital Network

Jason Burak (MBA’17)

Vice President, Card Lending, Global Commercial Services, American Express

Matthew D. Meyer (MBA’91)

Senior Portfolio Manager of High Grade and Structured Products at Loews Corporation

Demetri Diavatis (MBA’97)

CEO and Founder, Crushr

Carlos Fonseca (MBA’98)

International Markets Planning Head, TransUnion

Steven Fortier (MBA’93)

COO, KPMG One Americas

Bob Fragola (MBA’98)

Vice President Business Services, ViaPath Technologies

Tania Galarza (MBA’05)

Senior Director, Marriott International

Damon Griggs (MBA’98)

Executive Partner, Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC

Charles Harris (MBA’98)

Principal, Stoneworth Financial

Lindsey Johnson (MBA’12)

President, US Mortgage Insurers

Kristin Kelly (MBA’00)

Owner and Founder, Wander

Katherine Lavelle (MBA’93)

Partner, Accenture

Briana Lichter (MBA’97)

CFO, DuMonde Ventures, Inc.

Carlo Mahfouz (MBA’20)

VP of Strategic Technology Partnerships at Laerdal Medical

Veeral Majumdar (MBA’07)

Founder, President, and CEO of Savan Group

Sidd Manjeshwar (MBA’05)

Vice President, Treasury and Investor Relations, Air Products

Frank Manzella (C’90, MBA/JD’94)

Senior Vice President, Availity

Lisa Mayr (MBA’98)

Chief Financial Officer, Marigold

Svetoslav Nikov (MBA’97)

Partner & Portfolio Analyst, Cyrus Capital Partners

Rupal Obaray (MBA’04)

MBA Alumni Advisory Council Member

Tom Ortenzi (MBA’93)

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Al Ribeiro (MBA’07)

Vice President, Global Policy & Public Affairs, Pfizer Primary Care

Antal Runneboom (MBA’98)

Managing Director, Lion Tree Advisors

Mark Russell (MBA’00)

Managing Partner, Corporate Advisory Solutions, LLC

Avinash Sahi (MBA’03)

Chief Commercialization Officer, OGCI Climate Investments LLP

Tara Scalia Quilty (MBA’97)

Wealth Management Advisor, Point Wealth Management

Shreedhar Shah (MBA’00)

Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Power Group

Karen Snow (MBA’99)

Global Head of Listings, Nasdaq

Stephen Tansey (MBA’01)

President, Moon River Capital

Navin Thawani (MBA’18)

Principal, Foundry Capital

Devin Thomas (MBA’09)

Managing Director, Technology M&A Investment Banking, Jefferies

Susan Thompson (MBA’97)

Team Lead, Academia Program, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Robert Thorsen (MBA’ 17)

Principal, MRKT Capital

Silvia Veitia Smith (MBA’98)

President, Yorkshire Advisory Group

Mary Yarbrough (MBA’94)

Senior Advisor, Altman Solon