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MAAC Updates and Important Dates

Important Dates
Spring Meeting: April 25, 2024

Founding Members

Al Ribeiro

Shubber Ali

Jacki Abbey

Rob Burger

Sandra Hanna

Jenny Heflin

Elizabeth Pollock

Tara Quilty

Alison Davis

Elizabeth Ross-Ronchi

William Black

David Fogel

Dig Gallagher

Devin Kalman

Christine Kuppens

Marc Marlin

Ray Peloso

Mark Peyreau

Elizabeth Pollock

Brian Quintenz

David Folsom

MAAC Sub-committees

Alumni Engagement Sub-committee

The MAAC Alumni Engagement Committee works to improve MBA alumni engagement by creating exciting and interesting opportunities for the McDonough School of Business community. The committee, with the help of the alumni relations team, identifies alumni engagement tactics to increase attendance at signature alumni events and improve engagement across different activities and volunteer opportunities provided by the school. Members brainstorm and advise on potential campaigns that would motivate alumni to engage with Georgetown McDonough.

Alumni Curriculum Subcommittee 

The Alumni Curriculum Subcommittee has a vital role in shaping the academic experience of current students by providing valuable insights, feedback, and recommendations on curriculum development, course offerings, and program enhancements.

MAAC Interns

Divya Gupta is a second-year MBA student. With a background spanning roles in investment banking, financial analysis, and talent management, Divya brings expertise in research, data analysis, and management. Adept at driving initiatives and fostering talent, Divya is committed to excellence and innovation in the finance industry. Divya is passionate about leadership, sustainability, and evolving technologies.

Arun is a first-year MBA Student at Georgetown University. Originally from a remote forest town in the south of India. Before his MBA, he worked at Toyota in the R&D function in India, Japan, and Thailand, developing products and introducing new technologies in India. Post MBA he plans to work in the mobility space due to his passion for cars. In his free time he is an avid badminton player and loves playing video games.

2024 MAAC Fellows 

Jay Hawkins

Valena Doe

Victoria Bravo Ortiz

Bjarke Andersen

Past Events