McDonough School of Business

Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy Seminars and Workshops

We actively pursue research and publication. Our research includes studies on applied economic analysis, competitive and corporate strategy, economic and political analysis of public policy, international economics, and political theory.

Our workshops complement our research program by enriching our collaborative academic endeavors and fostering a supportive, professional environment. Workshops are in the Rafik B. Hariri Building unless otherwise indicated.

Upcoming Events

Spring 2024 Schedule

March 7, 2024
Samantha Burn
Harvard University/Imperial College
Mixed Public-Private Provision in Healthcare: Evidence from England

March 14, 2024
Lamar Pierce
Washington University in St. Louis
Clutch Performers

April 4, 2024
Daniel Scur
Cornell University
Pay Transparency and Mental Health

April 11, 2024
Michael Lipsitz
Federal Trade Commission
Innovation and the Enforceability of Noncompete Agreements

May, 2 2024
Jetson Leder-Luis
Boston University
Unemployment Insurance Fraud in the Debit Card Market

May 23, 2024
Beat Hintermann
University of Basel Pigovian
Transport Pricing in Practice

Past Events

Fall 2023 Schedule

September 14, 2023
Benjamin Jones
Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University
Adaptability and the Pivot Penalty in Science and Technology

September 28, 2023
Leah Brooks
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Affairs – George Washington University
Destruction, Policy, and the Evolving Consequences of Washington, DC’s 1968 Civil Disturbance

October 26, 2023
Mark Shepard
John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University

November 9, 2023
Marika Cabral
Department of Economics – The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2023 Schedule

January 17, 2023: 2-3:30pm
Heather Berry
George Washington University School of Business – George Washington University

January 19, 2023: 2-3:30pm
Mahka Moeen
UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Entrepreneurial Origins and Paths: A Comparative Analysis of Academic, Employee, and User Founders

February 9, 2023: 1:30 – 3pm
Nirupama Rao
Stephen M. Ross School of Business – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
The Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Small Firms: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Tax Returns

March 16, 2023: 1:30 – 3 pm
Evan Starr
Robert H. Smith School of Business – University of Maryland
Do Firms Value Court Enforceability of Noncompete Agreements? A Revealed Preference Approach

April 13, 2023
Brad Greenwood
George Mason University School of Business – George Mason University
No News is Bad News: The Internet, Corruption, and the Decline of the Fourth Estate

April, 20, 2023: 1:30 – 3pm
Kristina McElheran
Scarborough & Rotman School of Management – University of Toronto
AI Adoption in America: Who, What, and Where

April, 27, 2023: 1:30 – 3pm
Robert Seamans
Stern School of Business- New York University
Robots at Work in China

May, 4, 2023: 1:30 – 3pm
Zoe Cullen
Harvard Business School – Harvard University
What’s My Employee Worth? The Effects of Salary Benchmarking

Fall 2022 Schedule

September 29, 2022: 1:30 – 3 p.m.
Scott Gehlbach
Harris School of Public Policy– University of Chicago
Contact, Threat, and Violence During Political Upheaval: Anti-Jewish Pogroms in the 1905 Russian Revolution

October 6, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Diane Alexander
The Wharton School– University of Pennsylvania
Provider Payments and the Direction of Innovation: the Case of End Stage Renal Disease

October 13, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Lori Yue
Columbia Business School– Columbia University
Firms’ Concession to Activism under the Competing Stakeholder Pressure: A Natural Experiment on Fortune Global 500 Firms

October 20, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Ashley Swanson
Department of Economics– University of Wisconsin-Madison
Are Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices Anticompetitive?

October 27, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Joseph Doyle
MIT Sloan School of Management– Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Legal Aid in Child Welfare: Evidence from a Randomized Trial of Mi Abogado

November 3, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Luca Maini
Department of Economics– University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mergers that Matter: The Impact of M&A Activity in Prescription Drug Markets

November 17, 2022: 12:30 – 2 pm
Lin Tian
Geographic Spillovers and Firm Exports: Evidence from China

December 8, 2022: 1:30 – 3 pm
Christopher Marquis
Judge Business School– University of Cambridge
How Does History Matter for Organizations?

Spring 2022 Schedule

February 10, 2022
Sabrina T. Howell
NYU Stern School of Business– New York University
Automation in Small Business Lending Can Reduce Racial Disparities: Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program

March 10, 2022
Alexander Oettl
Scheller College of Business– Georgia Institute of Technology
(Co-)Working in Close Proximity: Knowledge Spillovers and Social Interactions

March 24, 2022
Daniel Treisman
Department of Political Science– Yale University
Spin Dictators

April 7, 2022
Tyler Pratt
Saïd Business School– University of Oxford
Innovation and Interdependence: The Case of Gene-Editing Technology

April 21, 2022
Heather Berry
Elliott School of International Affairs– George Washington University
Defending Knowledge Abroad

May 5, 2022
Ruben Gaetani
Rotman School of Management– University of Toronto Mississauga
Cities and Technological Waves

May 19, 2022
Natalie Carlson
Wharton School– University of Pennsylvania
Differentiation in Microenterprises

June 2, 2022
Matilde Bombardini
Haas School of Business– University of California, Berkeley
Investing in Influence: Investors, Portfolio Firms and Political Giving

Fall 2021 Schedule

September 2, 2021
Matt Marx
Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management– Cornell University
Startups, Unicorns, and the Local Supply of Inventors

September 9, 2021
Kathryn Shaw
Stanford Graduate School of Business– Stanford University
Incorporated Start-ups: Can Policies Induce Successful Entrepreneurship?

September 16, 2021
Saumitra Jha
Stanford Graduate School of Business– Stanford University
Heroes and Villains: The Effects of Combat Heroism on Autocratic Values and Nazi Collaboration in France

September 30, 2021
Ioana Marinescu
Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania

December 14, 2021
Robert Press
McDonough School of Business– Georgetown University
Subcontracting Networks and Affiliated Private Values: Evidence from Oklahoma Bridge Contracts

December 28, 2021
Nan Jia
USC Marshall School of Business– University of Southern California
Clash of the Titans? Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in the U.S. and China

November 11, 2021
Christina Davis
Department of Government– Harvard University
Foreign Policy or Industrial Policy? The Design of Trade Bureaucracy