McDonough School of Business

McDonough School of Business Logos, Style, Guides, and Templates

Official Logos

Merchandise using Georgetown McDonough logos must be pre-approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications and may not be used for personal profit. For approval or other logos, including vector files, please contact the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

RGB logos:

McDonough logo with white background
McDonough logo with blue backgroun

**Transparent Vertical Logo 

McDonough logo with white background horizontal layout

**Transparent Horizontal Logo 

Style Guides and Templates

Zoom Backgrounds

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni may use the following Zoom background images:

PowerPoint and Google Slide Templates (updated 2019)

Students, faculty, and staff may download the McDonough School of Business presentation template:

Editorial Style Guide

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business adheres to an editorial style for all digital and print communications. View the editorial style guide.

Graphic Style Guide

Recommended Typography

Book Antiqua and Arial

Branding Colors

The university has two official colors, Georgetown Blue and Gray.

Georgetown Blue

Pantone 282
C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:54
R:4 G:30 B:66
Hex: #041E42

Georgetown Gray

Cool Gray 10
C:62 M:53 Y:47 K:19
R:99 G:102 B:106
Hex: #63666A

The McDonough School of Business offers a secondary and tertiary color palette to complement Georgetown Blue and Gray. View the Georgetown McDonough color palette.

For additional Georgetown University logos, guidelines, and visual identity resources, please visit, or contact the McDonough School of Business Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.