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Class of 2022 Leadership Fellows to Mentor and Coach First-Year Students

The MBA Program recently selected 50 students for its 2022 Leadership Fellows program in a highly competitive application process. The fellows will participate in a three-course experiential coaching program for the spring semester, working alongside expert faculty like Evelyn Williams, teaching professor of management at Georgetown McDonough, to shape, develop, and mentor first-year students. 

Fellows take three courses as part of their leadership preparation: 

  1. Leadership Communications
  2. Coaching High Performance Teams and Individuals
  3. Advanced Coaching

When considering applicants, in addition to strong interpersonal and communication skills, an  emphasis is placed on those who want to coach and develop others. Due to the large service component involved in the leadership roles, the program looks for students committed to their own leadership development, as well as building a feedback-rich, inclusive environment for others.  

“We were pleased to receive the largest and most competitive applicant pool to date for the Leadership Fellows positions,” said Williams. “It speaks to how much our MBA students valued their Leadership Fellows’ role in their development when they took the Leadership Communications course as first-years.”

The Leadership Fellows specifically work to coach students through the required Leadership Communications course, which culminates in the Executive Challenge — a daylong competition where student teams role play live cases with senior alumni judges for their final exam. 

Leadership Fellows help create customized small-group learning experiences for all first-year, Full-time MBA students, and most students state during their internships that the leadership and communication skills they learned during the Leadership Communications course provided a clear competitive edge over their counterparts from other schools.

Through the fellows’ collective coaching efforts, the program sees first-year students challenged in every class and even more prepared to tackle their internships and future careers.  

“The Georgetown McDonough Leadership Fellows program provides a leadership opportunity unlike any other business school by helping the fellows develop a muscle that is essential to become a manager: coaching,” said Koundinya Desiraju (MBA’22).

Meet the Class of 2022 Leadership Fellows:

  • Carol Allen
  • Lisa M. Autz
  • Jinsung Bach
  • David M. Berdad
  • Alexander A. Bezovics
  • Roderick J. Brogan
  • Kasey Chau
  • Matthew F. Connelly
  • Cody D. Corrington
  • Derek A. Cunningham
  • Koundinya S. Desiraju
  • Peter Dulany
  • Jupiter El-Asmar
  • Estefania Ellis
  • Monica R. Fritz
  • Divyadeep Goel
  • Bridget C. Greaney
  • Ronald Guillen
  • Daniel Hague
  • Ahmed E. Hajat
  • Leigh Harwood
  • John T. Horner
  • Tristan M. Hough
  • Lehar Jain
  • Lauren Jordan
  • Kim Kaull
  • Michaela E. Kitson
  • Adam T. Kuebler
  • Larry H. Li
  • Jon Magnusson
  • Kulwant Malhotra
  • Nicholas E. Mastas
  • Patrick McKinney
  • Hannah D. Newburger
  • Mirabel U. Nkenke
  • Matthew J. Pershe
  • Christine E. Peters
  • Ian Peterson
  • Olga Rocha
  • Griffith D. Rogan
  • Marykatherine W. Silk
  • Rebecca Singer
  • Lucas Turner-Owens
  • Tarun Vats
  • John C. Voetsch
  • Eric J. Vrissis
  • Julia C. Weeks
  • Martin C. Winter
  • Yunus E. Yener
  • Sarena N. Young

“The Leadership Fellows program highlights the service-minded focus of our MBA student leaders, and reinforces the commitment from Georgetown McDonough to offer experiential learning and create an inclusive, respectful, and supportive learning environment for all MBA students. We look forward to witnessing the extraordinary growth, mentorship, and impact these fellows will have on our first-year class and the broader community at McDonough,” said Williams.