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Daniela Zuluaga (MBA'24)
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Community in Diversity: Daniela Zuluaga (MBA’24)

Daniela Zuluaga (MBA’24) is passionate about creating transformative impact through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Through her leadership roles on campus and leading with the idea that DEI has a relevant economic component, Zuluaga has inspired others to create an inclusive environment for all. 

Zuluaga’s interest in DEI began while she was pursuing her master’s in economics where she explored gender disparities in the labor market. Since then, Zuluaga has dedicated her career to fostering more welcoming communities. She has worked in multilateral organizations where she has researched gender, education, and labor markets. 

“DEI is a topic for all of us to explore, regardless of whether we identify with a specific gender or religion,” she said. “We should always care. I strive to encourage a sense of community that respects the differences of gender, race, and religion.” 

At the Inter-American Development Bank, where she worked as a consultant, Daniela collaborated with her coworkers to establish the first employee resource group for people with disabilities. Together, they aimed to provide their colleagues with a network to overcome their challenges. 

In her role as a consultant at the International Finance Corporation, Zuluaga contributed to building a business case for the economic inclusion of people with disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ community. She analyzed best practices for integrating these populations into the economy. 

Daniela Zuluaga with peers and program leadership during the Graduate Women in Business Leadership Conference.

Zuluaga with peers and program leadership during the Graduate Women in Business Leadership Conference.

Zuluaga’s commitment to DEI extended to Georgetown McDonough, where she’s served as the vice president of DEI for the Student Government Association since 2023. She’s organized workshops on gender pronouns, supported affinity clubs in their daily initiatives, developed a survey to understand people’s needs around DEI, and advocated for attendance at events that offer job opportunities for students from underrepresented backgrounds.  

“As a community, we have to care, engage, and participate in initiatives that create impact,” said Zuluaga. “Georgetown’s community invites us to really care about each other. It’s important to continue fostering our Jesuit values overall.”

Zuluaga believes that DEI initiatives benefit both individuals and institutions. She explained that promoting inclusive environments enhances the well-being of the community and also boosts the performance of corporations. 

“I believe work around DEI is a win-win situation,” she said. “Companies that promote an inclusive and diverse environment experience lower turnover rates and more creativity. Organizations that have employees from different backgrounds benefit from broader ideas and perspectives, which ultimately leads to better outcomes.”

In the long term, Daniela envisions weaving DEI into every aspect of her personal and professional life. When looking to the future, her dedication to this mission is long-lasting. For Zuluaga, creating diverse environments is not just a personal commitment; it’s a shared responsibility.

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