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Georgetown McDonough Renews Partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Effat University

The Georgetown McDonough School of Business has renewed an agreement with Effat University, the leading university for women in Saudi Arabia, to keep providing accreditation, assessment, and curricular advice for their undergraduate program in the college of business.

“Our affiliation with the Georgetown McDonough School of Business goes back to 2005, when we established our first undergraduate degree in Business Administration,” said Haifa Jamalallail, president, Effat University. “At that time, we were looking for a partner that was not only academically strong, but also shared our passion for developing students holistically. Although our religions are different, we share the same spirituality and ethics. This commonality has added strength and purpose to our partnership, and we look forward to many years of mutually enriching cooperation.”

Besides helping to provide Effat University’s business students with the best academic preparation, the agreement also seeks to foster mutual exchanges of students and faculty.

“This continued partnership with Effat allows us to have a presence in a fascinating region,” said Ricardo Ernst, Baratta Chair in Global Business, professor of operations and global logistics, and director of the Global Business Initiative. “In particular, we are happy to partner with a university that supports women. It is very rewarding to see the enthusiasm of the leadership, faculty, and more importantly, the students, to engage in the education of women leaders so they can have a more active role in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.”

“The partnership with Georgetown McDonough is very valuable to Effat University,” said Malak Al-Nory, provost, Effat University. “We have been working with Georgetown McDonough since the establishment of the Effat College of Business and its five undergraduate programs. Georgetown McDonough continues to be our partner to bring academic rigor and excellence in teaching and learning at Effat University.”

Effat University is dedicated to providing high quality, world-class educational programs that graduate female professional leaders who contribute to the development of the Saudi Arabian business ecosystem. The institution is also committed to instilling its students with ethical international business standards.

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