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Febin Bellamy Leads Georgetown Students to Clinton Global Initiative University

A group of 12 Georgetown University students, led by McDonough School of Business junior, Febin Bellamy, traveled to the University of California at Berkeley to participate in the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference in April. Hosted by President Bill Clinton, more than 1,200 student leaders from around the world attended the event to celebrate their peers’ commitment to social justice and the subsequent impact on their campus and communities.

Bellamy served as Georgetown University’s campus representative. He credits CGI U for allowing him to pursue his passion of social entrepreneurship.

“I can’t stop smiling about how amazing the university conference was,” Bellamy said. “I have met more influential people that weekend than I have in a lifetime. I met future world leaders who, at my age, are empowering thousands of people. These young people have some of the most innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship, and some of the most inspiring and unbelievable ideas to solve problems facing the world.”

Developing a commitment to action through his participation in CGI U, Bellamy recently started his own social entrepreneurship project, an organization called Unsung Heroes (new window). Unsung Heroes focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation of janitors, construction workers, food and service workers, bus drivers, and other campus employees who consistently work hard behind the scenes. By sharing their stories, Bellamy hopes to create stronger bonds between the employees and the students they serve.

“Every unsung hero has a story,” he said. “We just have to take the time to listen and show a level of acknowledgement.” 

Unsung Heroes was one of 100 proposals accepted at the 2016 conference, from more than 1,200 submissions. Bellamy presented his organization at the CGI Exchange event, sharing his progress and experience with those who also want to change the world through social justice and equality.