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Former Global ESG Director Provides Insight on Sustainable Finance Strategies

Natasha Braginsky Mounier (SFS’91), former global ESG director at Capital Group, sat down with Maya Burney (MS-ESM’24) to discuss sustainable finance strategies from capital markets and investors’ perspectives. 

The event, hosted by the Business of Sustainability Initiative at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, began with welcoming remarks from Vishal Agrawal, Henry J. Blommer Family Endowed Chair in Sustainable Business and academic director of the Business of Sustainability Initiative, highlighting the vital role that Mounier has played in shifting the global economy into one that produces sustainable outcomes. 

During the conversation, Burney asked “Have you come across any recent innovations, whether it be technology, policy, or investment structures, that have piqued your interest?” Mounier honed in on two areas of technologies that interest her — carbon capture storage and advanced market commitments (AMCs). Mounier explained that carbon capture storage “will move the cost curve down,” and AMCs “are becoming more common in terms of ways that companies can use capital to scale new technologies.”Throughout the conversation, Mounier explained how emerging markets and multinational companies can take the lead in shifting toward a sustainable future. 

The event provided attendees with a robust look into the strategies used to integrate ESG metrics within the capital market strategy.

– Max Scheiner (MS-ESM’24)

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