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Members of the MBA Class of 1998 at their Class Reunion
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Georgetown MBA Class of 1998 Establishes Scholarship and Fellowship in Celebration of 25 Years

To commemorate 25 years since their graduation, the Georgetown MBA Class of 1998 has pledged $218,000 to establish the MBA Class of 1998 Endowed MBA Scholarship Fund and Current Use MBA Entrepreneurship Fellowship Fund to support the advancement of Full-time MBA students in the McDonough School of Business. The gift was inspired by the Class of 1998 reunion celebration and intends to enhance the MBA experience for future generations. 

“This gift demonstrates what is possible when a class of graduates leverages their lifelong relationships and connections to create new opportunities for the students who come after them,” said Sudipta Dasmohapatra, senior associate dean of MBA programs. “We are grateful to the MBA Class of 1998 for their generous commitment to our school and for providing another mechanism to attract the best talent to the Georgetown MBA program.”

The scholarship and fellowship funds reflect the unique makeup of the Class of 1998 and their shared experiences in the Georgetown MBA program. With a focus on student engagement, the merit-based Class of 1998 Endowed MBA Scholarship Fund will support one Full-time MBA student every year in their academic pursuits.

“Our class met over 25 years ago, and we continue to stay engaged with the school and with each other because we understand the power of the Georgetown community and the experiences we gained through the MBA program,” said Antal Runneboom (MBA’98), member of Georgetown McDonough’s MBA Alumni Advisory Council. “We hope the scholarship fund will provide future Hoyas the opportunity to find their place in our community, to build meaningful relationships as a cohort, and to grow together as people and professionals during their time in the program and beyond.”

MBA Startup Fellows pictured with two members of the MBA Class of 1998: Antal Runneboom (second from right; back row) and Silvia Veitia Smith (far right).

The Class of 1998 also pledged funds for the Current Use MBA Entrepreneurship Fellowship Fund to expand opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation for current and future MBA students. The gift will build upon Georgetown Entrepreneurship’s MBA Startup Fellowship to sponsor a “Class of 1998” fellow every year who is actively working on starting a company. 

Startup Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend, access to the Georgetown Venture Lab, ongoing mentorship and coaching from Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and the opportunity to apply for the Georgetown Startup Incubator, the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize “Bark Tank” Pitch Competition, and other programs designed to support student entrepreneurs. Additionally, the “Class of 1998” fellow will receive individualized mentorship, guidance, and support from members of the 1998 class. 

“The MBA Startup Fellowship makes it possible for our students to follow their passions and pursue new ventures while maintaining the financial stability and career support they need to achieve their goals,” said Jeff Reid, founding director of Georgetown Entrepreneurship. “The Current Use MBA Entrepreneurship Fellowship Fund is an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring MBA entrepreneurs to prioritize their startups, build their entrepreneurship skillset, and gain insights and mentorship from a class of MBA graduates who have achieved success in their respective industries. We look forward to witnessing the impact of this gift for years to come.”

Looking ahead, the Class of 1998 hopes this gift inspires other alumni classes to find unique, collaborative ways to give back to their MBA community in the years ahead. 

“We hope this fund shows other classes what is possible when you leverage the power of many to achieve a broader vision for the program,” said Runneboom. “We are proud to establish this gift to celebrate 25 years together as we reflect on our past experiences and work together to enhance student success for future generations of Hoyas. I am grateful to Charles Harris (MBA’98), Lisa Mayr (MBA’98), and Silvia Veitia Smith (MBA’98) for championing this gift for the program – and to 23 of our classmates for their generous contributions to support student success. We hope the number of classmates contributing to the fund will continue to grow in the years ahead.”

The contributing members of the MBA Class of 1998 include: 

Stephanie A. Adams Rapp (MBA’98)

Marcio (MBA’98) and Lisa F. Avillez

Ali K. Bastani (MBA’98)

Shalini Bastani (MBA’98)

Matthew R. Carlson (MBA’98) and Caroline Mountcastle Carlson

Bryan C. Croll (MBA’98)

Agnes M. Dasewicz (MBA’98)

Mary Jo Dyer (MBA’98, P’25)

Robert C. Dyer (MBA’98, P’25)

Alok Garg (MBA’98)

Lisa C. (MBA’98) and Stephen Green

Damon V. (MBA’98) and Heather Griggs

Courtney D. (MBA’98) and Christopher J. Hardart

Charles R. (MBA’98) and Erica Harris

Lew W. “Jay” (MBA’98) and Kelly Jacobs

Rajneesh H. (MBA’98) and Gauri S. (MBA’99) Khokha

Mark T. (MBA’98) and Alexandra D. Maruszewski

Lisa Mayr (MBA’98) and Francisco J. Mejia (EMBA’99)

Michael G. Novy (MBA’98)

Peter W. Mellen (C’89, MBA’98, P’26, ’28) and Valerie Parker (MBA’92, P’26, ’28)

Alan M. (MBA’98, P’24) and Regina (P’24) Randolph

Nathan A. Richardson (MBA’98)

Antal J. Runneboom (MBA’98, P’27)

Cheryl S. Runneboom (MBA’98, P’27)

Jennifer (MBA’98, P’26) and Ted Ullyot (P’26)

Silvia (MBA’98) Veitia Smith and Bradley Smith

Steven E. Woo (MBA’98)

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