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Georgetown McDonough Alumna Empowers Female Athletes Through Clothing Brand ‘SPRHRA’

Marina Paul (B’16) has embarked on a mission to empower female athletes through her sportswear brand, Superhera (SPRHRA). Her journey from collegiate soccer player to entrepreneur is marked by a deep commitment to giving women the freedom to perform. Paul seeks to create a community where women in sports feel supported to be their authentic selves.  

Founded in 2023, SPRHRA reflects Paul’s vision to provide female athletes with gear that addresses their individual needs. Through extensive research and feedback from over 150 female athletes, Paul identified an opportunity for athletic wear that prioritized high performance, comfort, and inclusivity. 

“Many athletes told me that they struggle with sports gear that doesn’t fit or feel right,” Paul said. “SPRHRA is not just about creating clothing for women but about removing the restriction that we must be perfect at everything. Our goal is to understand who people are, so we can help nurture clothing and an environment where women have the freedom to be themselves.”

Paul strives to ensure that each piece of apparel is designed to enhance performance and boost confidence. By offering compression gear that accommodates diverse body types, every aspect of SPRHRA’s products aims to empower female athletes to excel on and off the field. 

Clothing from SPRHRA is designed to enhance performance and fit diverse body types.

Paul’s journey at Georgetown was marked by challenges that shaped SPRHRA and what it stands for. As a first-year student-athlete, she struggled with depression and eating disorders while trying to manage the pressures of academic and collegiate soccer success, which impacted her mental health.

“The high expectations and pressure overwhelmed me and it led to a challenging freshman year,” Paul said. “I was figuring out how to be a leader when things were not working well for me. But I met people who became my best friends and influenced my perspective on the world.”

Despite these challenges, Paul found a supportive community on the Hilltop that ultimately shaped her understanding of leadership and the importance of building meaningful connections with others. 

“Leadership is rooted in fostering genuine friendships. I want to be known for leaving people better than I found them,” Paul said. 

Her leadership journey not only influenced her professional path to entrepreneurship but also inspired her to write a book: Becoming a Superhero: Awaken Your Superpowers and Inspire the Magic in Others. Published in 2021, the book aims to ignite readers’ inner potential. Through her writing, Paul embarked on a journey of self-discovery to bridge the gap between what she described as her disconnected self and the profound sense of connection she experienced on the field. 

“My journey in writing the book was about truly finding that connection within myself and discovering ways to connect with others who had nothing in common with me.”

Reflecting on her time at McDonough, Paul emphasized the relevance of fostering relationships and gaining practical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Her interactions with professors and peers, many of whom came from successful business backgrounds, exposed her to new perspectives and opportunities. The lessons from her undergraduate studies continue to influence her approach as an entrepreneur. 

“It was a phenomenal place to learn,” Paul said. “My supply chain classes at McDonough provided the foundation for starting SPRHRA. I didn’t have to be an expert in everything. Instead, I learned the importance of knowing who to turn to for help. That’s the most valuable lesson I gained from my time at the university.”

Paul pictured in clothing from SPRHRA.

As Paul continues to grow her brand, she remains deeply connected to her Hoya roots. Through a strategic licensing agreement with Hoyas Rising, which is an integrated branding and commercial development program that assists Georgetown University student-athletes in maximizing their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities, Paul’s brand now provides gear via NIL agreements to female athletes across various sports teams.

“Both Georgetown and the Big East soccer conference I grew up in left a mark on me,” Paul said. “The resources available and the supportive network of Georgetown Entrepreneurship are remarkable. With this new athletics partnership, my hope is that one day soon we’ll be outfitting athletes across every collegiate conference.”

Additionally, SPRHRA has received the license to provide performance apparel to Georgetown Athletics teams and the Georgetown Bookstore. Paul’s dream of designing performance apparel to ensure her teammates can feel and play their best, is coming true.

Paul perceives rejection as a pathway to personal development. Embracing failure and having the ability to trust her instincts have played a crucial role in driving her success as an entrepreneur. 

She hopes to inspire others to remain steadfast in their vision; as she said, it makes all the difference.

Georgetown-branded SPRHRA gear will also be available for purchase in the Georgetown University Bookstore and through the Georgetown University Alumni Association Marketplace.

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