McDonough School of Business
Average age 23; 51% female; 36% underrepresented minorities; average gpa 3.6; average years of experience .7; 26% international students: 26 languages spoken
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Georgetown McDonough MiM Program Welcomes its Most Diverse Class

The Master of Science in Management (MiM) program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business welcomed its third class, achieving both gender parity and more than 50% U.S. diversity.

This year, the MiM program introduced a new diversity scholarship, partnered with external organizations to reach students from different backgrounds, and made purposeful connections between prospective students and alumni/current students. The result was a 41% increase in applications and greater program selectivity.

“Bringing together a diverse cohort is very important to us both during recruitment and admissions,” said Nita Swinsick, assistant dean of recruitment and admissions for executive and specialized degree programs. “I believe all of these initiatives enabled us to bring our most diverse MiM class to date and we’re so excited to welcome this new cohort that will bring even more possibilities to the program.”

The MiM Class of 2022 includes 36% of underrepresented U.S. minorities (up from 27%), 51% are women, and 51% represent overall U.S. diversity. The cohort consists of 26% international students, with 18 countries of citizenship represented including the U.S., and 26 different languages spoken by the students. The new class also had an average undergraduate grade-point average of 3.6.

With a mean age of 23, the students come from a variety of undergraduate fields of study, including 51% from the humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts; 30% from business and finance; 11% from economics; and 8% from STEM disciplines. 

“Performance on global teams is a foundational part of the Georgetown MiM experience and we are confident that this year’s incoming class will only continue to broaden the new perspectives that impact the lives of each student,” said Evelyn Williams, MiM academic director and teaching professor of management. “Diversity of thought is our strength at Georgetown and is the foundation of the global perspective we teach our students — a mindset that will enhance their abilities to thrive in a very complex and diverse world.”

Georgetown’s Master of Science in Management program is a 10-month, STEM designated, full-time program designed for recent undergraduates from all backgrounds with 0-3 years of work experience looking for a way to launch their careers. Choosing Georgetown’s Master’s in Management means choosing a globally engaged community with a focus on building the technology and innovation skills necessary to be competitive while doing business for good.

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