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Georgetown McDonough Sophomores Start Flynance

In entrepreneurship, it’s not always the idea that’s difficult to manage, but rather executing on building it into a business. This was not the case for Alexander Heintze (B ‘19), Lisa Liu (B ‘19), Michael Marsh (B ‘19), Sophia Wible (B ‘19), Rachel Booth (B ‘19), Micah Griffin (B ‘19), Margaret McGraw (B ‘19) and Annie Mattimore (B ‘19), the finalists of the StartupHoyas Challenge and founders of Flynance.


Flynance is a weekly email service that condenses the week’s most important financial news into readable, understandable material. The startup provides a condensed overview and analysis of the financial news written by college students for college students and has consistently delivered since it’s inception.


After finishing as finalists at the Georgetown StartupHoyas Challenge and the StartupHoyas Rocket Challenge, Flynance began rolling out their financial news services and has grown since beginning operations this year. 


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