McDonough School of Business
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Hands-on Learning in a Global Environment

Georgetown McDonough seeks to become the premier destination for global business education.  One key element to transforming students to become global ready leaders is to immerse them in global cultures and business dilemmas. Since the inception of the undergraduate Global Business Experience (GBE) course in 2013, Georgetown McDonough students have been exposed to consulting and developing real business solutions for multinational firms as just one way to fulfill that mission.

The school’s GBE course brings case studies to life in a whole new way, as students enrolled in the course are tasked with developing solutions to real business challenges and then present their findings directly to corporations. This week of presentations takes place during the course’s foreign residency week, in which students travel overseas over spring break to do field research, attend lectures, and present their recommendations to corporate executives.

In addition to learning about how business is conducted in different countries, the elective addresses essential abilities like problem-solving, analytical skills, skills of synthesis, and communication skills, as well as knowledge of international business, macroeconomics, and business-government relations issues applied to the specific country situations.

Professor of the Practice Charles Skuba will lead one section of GBE to both Brussels, Belgium, and Lille, France; while Professor of Operations Ricardo Ernst will take his section to Barcelona, Spain.

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