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Host-a-Hoya Mentee Finds Success at LinkedIn

When it comes to searching for that first job out of college, there can be a lot of pressure. Throw in a global pandemic as well as an uncertain senior year and that pressure becomes ten-fold.

Like many graduating college seniors Grant Bernero (B’21) faced this situation. He, however, decided to utilize his resources at Georgetown McDonough. Bernero signed up for the Host-A-Hoya program. Pre-COVID, the program consisted of a one-day job shadow opportunity over the student’s winter break where the Undergraduate Career Development Center would match students with alumni in their home city. The alumni provide a “day-in-the-life” experience in a particular industry or company of interest to the student. This past year students were matched with alumni for virtual meetings to learn about their career paths and gain advice. 

The most recent  Host-A-Hoya day in January consisted of record-breaking numbers of alumni and students connecting virtually and internationally. Through this program Bernero was matched with Fergal Seiferth (B’16), a senior business operations and analytics associate at LinkedIn. 

“Fergal gave me some incredible advice about starting my career in tech,” Bernero said.  “He recommended that I apply to LinkedIn’s SOAR program.” 

SOAR helps to recruit strategy analysts. It is a competitive two-year program consisting of four six-month rotations in LinkedIn’s business operations department. Bernero did apply, and thanks to the Host-a-Hoya program, he is following his mentor to LinkedIn. Bernero will begin his career in LinkedIn’s San Francisco office coming in as an analyst through the SOAR program. At the program’s conclusion, Bernero will have gained core business knowledge, applicable skills, and strategy frameworks that will serve him at LinkedIn or wherever else his career path takes him. 

Facilitating McDonough alumni and student conversations enables students to gain invaluable insights, connections, and a more nuanced understanding of a professional world they are interested in exploring. For alumni, connecting with a Georgetown student provides a better sense of what’s happening on the virtual Hilltop, the opportunity to give back to Georgetown in a tangible way, and early access to top Hoya talent. 

The Host-A-Hoya program is just one of the many resources Georgetown McDonough provides for its students. To learn more about  upcoming opportunities provided by the Undergraduate Career Development Center visit their website or email Talia Schatz, director, for more information.

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