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Undergraduates Explore Careers, Companies During Inaugural Host a Hoya Day

The Undergraduate Program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business debuted the Host a Hoya program this winter break, in which alumni in a variety of industries — including finance, technology, and advertising — hosted undergraduates for a day, showing them their workplaces and giving them a sense of what life is like in their respective fields.

Talia Schatz, director of the Office of Professional and Leadership Development, developed the new program as an opportunity to expose undergraduates of all class years to different companies and career paths. Thirty-six students signed up for an industry they were interested in and were paired with an alumnus or alumna working near where the student was going to be for winter break. The event took place on Jan. 4 in organizations around the world, including in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and London.

Several students received advice on how to enter a specific industry or discovered new career paths. One, Esther Li (B’22), spent the day with a vice president at the finance firm GlassRoom Advisors.

“I visited my host’s fintech investment office in Alexandria and learned all about finance, company acquisition processes, and AI technology as the future of investment,” Li said.  “Coming from an immigrant family that does not invest, I was opened to the real word of finance in a very approachable way. Hearing the journey of my host’s life and how he didn’t plan on going into the finance world also broadened my view of what finance is.”

Some students reported that their visit inspired them to consider interning or working for their alumni host’s company. “Heading into this event, I did not know what to expect; however, now I know this is a firm I want to keep tabs on as I look for internships and even jobs in the future,” said Jacob Werden (B’21), who visited Silicon Valley Bank in New York City.

Schatz added that with the program’s success in its first run, her office is considering repeating it in the future. She cited the generosity of Georgetown’s alumni in hosting current students as a key factor in its success. “Harnessing that warmth and desire to help students is something we want to continue to leverage.”

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