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Israeli Embassy Hosts MBAs Before GBE to Tel Aviv

The Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., hosted approximately 20 students from the cohort of MBA Evening Program students traveling to Tel Aviv for their Global Business Experience over the summer. Students heard a lecture from Jonatan Brukhdruker, international finance institutions liaison officer at the Israel Trade mission to the United States, who discussed Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and its global reach.

Brukhdruker mentioned Israel’s efforts to connect with international institutions such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. The Israeli government provides financial contributions and also offers technical assistance in their areas of expertise, such as water management and irrigation systems for agriculture, as part of the country’s strategy to build stronger bilateral relationships with developing countries in foreign markets.

Students also learned about the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial economy, especially in areas such as medicine, water, cybersecurity, and irrigation systems. Brukhdruker said the reason behind this dynamism is the scarcity of natural resources in Israel, which has motivated the country to propel itself through creative ways, create a culture with a high tolerance for failure, and ensure the country has a strategy to be self-sufficient.  Students also learned about the global reach of Israeli companies, including IDE Technologies, a water treatment solutions company that recently built America’s largest desalination plant in California.

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