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Liam Marshall (B'23)
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Liam Marshall (B’23) on Leadership and Campus Involvement

As the spring semester comes to a close, Georgetown McDonough is pleased to commemorate the accomplishments of the Class of 2023. This year’s graduating class demonstrated immense commitment, discipline, and determination to reach this milestone, and we are proud to recognize their achievements as they embark on their next chapter as Hoya alumni. To celebrate, we’re spotlighting several of the exceptional students in the Class of 2023 as they share their personal stories, reflect on their time on the Hilltop, and preview what the future holds after commencement.

As an active member in various student clubs and organizations around Georgetown, Liam Marshall (B’23) continuously works as a team leader to help these groups achieve their goals and pave the way for future cohorts of students who are interested in volunteering. With the support of his classmates, professors, and friends he has made along with the way, Marshall is taking the skills he learned while at Georgetown to become a well-rounded consultant and leader. 

Here, Marshall shares the importance of keeping an open mind when approaching your academic and professional career, the value of learning from others, and why taking advantage of all of the opportunities Georgetown has to offer is of great value.

Liam Marshall (B’23)

What is your favorite memory or proudest moment from your time at Georgetown?

One of my favorite memories at Georgetown would have to be the night of the First Annual Spring Benefit Gala, hosted by the McDonough Academic Council. I am extremely proud of the Academic Council’s efforts to plan and host the event for nearly 600 undergraduate students, as well as our partnership with DC Central Kitchen in which we raised $25,000!

How do you plan to apply the skills you have learned at Georgetown in the next phase of your career?

McDonough taught me a lot about teamwork, leadership, and management. From holding leadership positions in student organizations to collaborating on group projects, I believe these soft skills are critical to pursuing a successful career after graduation.

What is one of the most important lessons you have learned while at Georgetown?

I’ve learned about the importance of pivoting throughout my time at Georgetown. It’s nearly impossible to predict what your four years will look like when you step onto campus as a first-year student. Follow your interests, pursue experiences that excite you, and never be afraid to change your path.

Is there a particular person in the Georgetown community that has been instrumental to your success?

Professor Jeff Reid taught my first-year seminar called “Entrepreneurship and the Jesuit Tradition”. Not only did the class pique my interest in entrepreneurship, so much so that I was a teaching assistant for a section the following year but I also was introduced to a variety of opportunities at Georgetown and beyond because of Professor Reid. Without his guidance and mentorship, I truly would not have the professional experience or entrepreneurial drive I do today.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I’ll be joining McKinsey & Company as a business analyst in the Jersey City, New Jersey, office.

What advice would you give to the incoming class of Georgetown undergraduate students?

Four years on campus truly flies by. Take advantage of every connection, experience, and opportunity. Do as much as you can, but always remember to pause and take it all in once in a while! 

Georgetown students pose in front of Healy Hall

When reflecting on your time at Georgetown, what were some of the most pivotal experiences during your undergraduate career? 

My time at Georgetown has truly been defined by the organizations that I’ve been passionate about, and hopefully, have an impact on. My time in leadership at The Corp, Georgetown Ventures, and the McDonough Academic Council were pivotal to my experience, and most importantly, I’ve found such supportive communities and some of my best friends in these spaces.

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