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MBA Graduates Find Career Success

The MBA Career Center at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business continues its trend of impressive career results, releasing the 2016 Full-time MBA Career Report this week.

The graduates’ biggest gains since 2015 were in the percent of full-time job offers received and accepted within three months of graduation, which increased from 89 to 93 percent and 86 to 90 percent, respectively.

This year, real estate rose to the top four industries of choice of the school’s graduates, moving from 3 to 6 percent – a likely result of the expanding initiatives and curricular offerings from McDonough’s Steers Center for Global Real Estate. Technology jobs also continue to be on the rise, jumping from 10 percent last year to 14 percent this year. Financial services and consulting remain the school’s top two industries, at 30 and 29 percent respectively.

The MBA Career Center also saw a 9 percent increase in the number of students who source their jobs through the school. The average starting salary, which saw a large jump last year, remains steady at $108,081.

For internships, the MBA Career Center continues its 99 percent placement rate among students seeking internships, as well as an increase in the average monthly compensation to $6,566.

Much of the graduates’ successes come from strategic initiatives implemented over the last year within the MBA Career Center, including new customizable search technologies, alumni mentoring tools, and expanded offerings designed to individualize each student’s career outcomes.

“At Georgetown’s MBA Career Center, our programs begin the summer before classes start and continue past graduation to ensure all students and alumni have the resources they need to succeed,” said Doreen Amorosa, associate dean and managing director of the MBA Career Center. “We are organized to provide students a depth of customizable resources through new technologies, certified career coaches, an innovative career curriculum, and connections to top employers.”

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