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MBA Student Named to Forbes Next 1000 List

Georgetown McDonough’s Tara Gupta (MBA’22) has been named to the Forbes Next 1000 List. This year’s inaugural list highlights entrepreneurs who redefine the American dream. 

Gupta is the founder of both Anamakos and Map-Collective Inc., companies focused on sustainability. Anamakos raised $160,000 in pre-seed money to purchase a $400,000 triplex in Providence, Rhode Island, that focuses on zero waste construction practices. The goal of Anamkos is to create self-reliant communities across the United States and globally with energy efficient systems and post-capitalist ideologies. Map-Collective is a global map tracking carbon, supply chains, air quality, and natural disaster data live. 

“My identity and the challenges I have faced have shaped the way I approach social entrepreneurship and helped me lead a life of humanitarian focus, visionary leadership, and creativity. In my 25 years as an Indian-American queer cis woman with the disability of lupus and fibromyalgia, a creative entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to experience a range of perspectives on life and the world,” said Gupta..

Gupta’s experience with chronic illness motivated her to create healing spaces, whether that be for people or for the earth. 

“I feel that beautiful spaces and empowering data will give people the power to approach the problem of earth’s resource management as a strong, educated collective,” said Gupta. 

Gupta hopes her inclusion on the Forbes list will help her with upcoming seed capital raises, believing press to be an essential part of establishing a brand. She also cites her Georgetown MBA in helping her achieve her entrepreneurial goals. One reason she chose to attend Georgetown was to be in Washington, D.C., and expand her companies’ activities. 

“I chose to pursue an MBA at Georgetown to grow my network, deepen my knowledge of finance and organizational management, and deepen my connection to Washington D.C,” said Gupta.

Gupta also is a Tivia S. and Richard L. Kramer Entrepreneurship Fellow, which is a Georgetown McDonough program offering $20,000 per year in scholarships to select MBA students. As part of the fellowship, Gupta has been involved in Georgetown Entrepreneurship, where she has utilized Georgetown’s resources as she works to expand her businesses. 

“After graduation, Georgetown will continue to be a resource I rely on, as many of our key client companies for Map-Collective have McDonough grads leading their corporate social responsibility departments, marketing departments, or more,” said Gupta.

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