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MBA Students Participate in Nation’s Olympic Triathlon


Three Georgetown McDonough MBA students participated in the 12th Annual Nation’s Triathlon on Sunday, Sept.10. 

Hall Wang (MBA’19) wanted to create a Georgetown MBA team to participate in the triathlon. He recruited fellow Full-time MBA student James Hesburgh (MBA’19), whom he met eight years prior, and Evening Program student Taylor DeVoe (MBA’20) to join his team. 

The triathlon consisted of a 1,500-meter swim, 26.2-mile bike ride, and a 10k run, completed by Wang, DeVoe, and Hesburgh, respectively. The route took them past monuments, museums, and other prominent D.C. landmarks. 

This experience enabled MBA students from different backgrounds, programs, and cohorts to meet and explore their common interests.

“I like to think we showed what the Georgetown MBA experience is all about,” Wang said. “Regardless of cohort or program, we build relationships and partake in our community, one fun adventure at a time. Ours just started with a really early alarm clock and ended with some sore body parts, but now we have an exciting story to tell.”