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Prashant Malaviya, vice dean for academic programs
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Meet Prashant Malaviya: The Dean Who Aspires to be Humbitious

As the former senior associate dean for MBA programs at Georgetown McDonough, Prashant Malaviya spent the last eight of his 15 years at Georgetown ensuring MBA students graduate ready to take on the world’s most pressing challenges. Now, as the new vice dean for academic programs, he is expanding his focus to all degree opportunities at McDonough, ensuring both undergraduate and graduate students alike are prepared for their careers and poised to make a difference in the world.

Prashant Malaviya, vice dean for academic programs

How did you choose your career path? 

It was during the second year of my MBA that I started to think about academia as a career, so I spoke with some of my professors and decided to do a Ph.D. in marketing as the path to becoming an academic. To a large extent, my interest in academics and teaching was sparked because I had become the default tutor for all my MBA classmates and would regularly hold review sessions for them. I began to really enjoy these teaching sessions…and the rest is history!  

What is your personal philosophy? 

On the urging of my son, this new year I resolved to be “always growing.” He convinced me that even if we are leading happy, fulfilled lives, we have room to grow. This philosophy of always growing will guide me in any given situation. I will always try to be my best self and always try to add value to every situation. 

What are students surprised to learn about you? 

My love of wine might surprise some, as would my aspirations as a young man to become a professional sports person or an actor. Nothing came of these aspirations, so I guess the only surprise might be that I chose to be a nerd when I could have been a cool dude!

What can we find you doing outside of Georgetown?

I love staycations and the comfort of my home! So, I spend a lot of time mostly doing little things around the house.

How are you influenced by Georgetown’s Jesuit values?

Immensely. I deeply believe in the Jesuit model of pedagogy — the virtuous cycle of “learn – act – reflect.” When applied thoughtfully in education, it leads to individual formation and discerning leaders who are then equipped to serve the common good.

What has been the biggest change to the business world since you started teaching? 

To paraphrase a well-worn saying, we live in interesting times. There are a number of significant forces impacting business and society today. As I see it, the major forces driving change include (1) climate change and sustainable business practices; (2) technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence; (3) the changing future of work; (4) the rethinking of the value and extent of globalization and global affairs; and (5) healthcare and the business of health. These five areas are also the main focus areas of the McDonough School of Business today and for the immediate future.

How would you describe the sense of community at Georgetown McDonough? 

The sense of community at Georgetown McDonough is amazing! Hoyas truly care for other Hoyas, as they do for women and men across the globe.

What is the one thing you hope students take away from any McDonough program? 

Be humbitious! (Humbitious = a person who is humble + ambitious)

What is the one thing you recommend a student does before graduating from their program? 

Expand your perspective by taking at least one class taught by a non-McDonough professor at Georgetown.

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