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MiM Class of 2020: Fanwei Yin (MiM’20)

Since graduating with her Master’s in Management (MiM) at the McDonough School of Business, Fanwei Yin has started her summer fellowship with the U.S. Agency for Global Media. She has joined their research team, where she focuses on audience insights, market research, and data integration. 

Why did you choose the MiM program?

I chose the MiM program because of the reputation of the McDonough School of Business, the location of Washington, D.C., and the program’s emphasis on technology. I also was very attracted to having classes and social activities with all of my classmates, which allowed me to learn more from peers.

What industry interests you the most?

I am most interested in the technology industry, especially digital products. I am intrigued by the progress tech companies are making on human-computer interactions because of my background in sociology.

How did MiM prepare you for this career opportunity? 

The culture of MiM was filled with diverse group work, networking, and public speaking opportunities. These helped me to adapt to the American business culture in a short amount of time and become confident in communication and high-quality cooperation. The strategy, financial, and legal courses equipped me with sufficient knowledge to interpret market information and spot business opportunities and risks. The coursework helped me understand the vocabulary and framework to have in-depth discussions and apply critical thinking to my work. 

What class had the most profound impact on you personally and professionally?

Leadership Communication had the biggest personal impact in my life. It helped me improve my shortcomings in negotiation and conflict-consolidation. I am a more confident and professional communicator. 

Law for Managers and Financial Markets and Corporate Decision Making influenced me the most professionally because they provided a lens to see through the surface of business issues and make data-backed judgments in a logical manner. 

What challenges did you overcome throughout your time in the MiM program?

The biggest challenge for me was overcoming the doubts I had regarding my identity and learning to be proud of my identity as an Asian woman. The diverse background of the classmates and conversation on inclusion in the MiM program only enhanced my self-identity.

As an international student, MiM is like a laboratory mirroring the American business environment, that made me realize I need to be more pronounced about my identity and cultural heritage.

Class of 2020
M.S. in Management