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MiM Class of 2020: Jacob Sabel (MiM’20)

Jacob Sabel (MiM’20) interned at a boutique private equity firm, Three Pillars Capital, in Chicago, Illinois. The internship was extremely valuable, as he has gained experience in financial modeling and the deal process. Upon completion of his internship, Sabel accepted a position as an analyst at HALO Growth Ventures, a private equity investor focused on industries looking for technology disruption.

Why did you choose the MiM program?

I liked the idea of studying and living in Washington, D.C. When I was studying international relations during my undergraduate program, I had internships at a few startups working on some very interesting technologies. Studying business in Washington, D.C., seemed like the perfect fit for me. 

What industries interest you the most?

I thoroughly enjoy the areas of finance, new inventions, venture capital, and private equity.

How did MiM prepare you for this career opportunity?

The Georgetown McDonough alumni network helped me connect with both venture capitalists and angel investors. As a global city, Washington, D.C., also worked to my advantage when making these vital connections in the industry.

Our MiM cohort was invited to visit a successful and innovative social impact incubator, Halcyon House, right down the road from campus. They always leave the door open for us and as a result, I was able to intern at a health technology startup at Halcyon for six months. 

What class had the most impact on your personal and professional growth?

I was most impacted by Financial Analytics taught by Jason Schloetzer, William and Karen Sonneborn Associate Professor of Business Administration. He always encouraged us to think critically about the realities we will encounter in the professional environment. 

What challenges did you overcome throughout your time in the MiM program?

One of my biggest challenges was learning to balance internships in both the fall and spring semesters, while taking a heavy course load. It was difficult at times, but absolutely worth every second.

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