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MSF Summer Clinics Adds Seven New Corporate Partnerships

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business saw a tremendous increase in its corporate presence during this year’s MSF Summer Clinics, which provide a unique experience for both part-time and full-time students interested in a “career pivot.” 

“When the MSF Program approached me about hosting student teams at Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems (NGAS), I didn’t hesitate to say yes,” said Chris Nolfi (MSF’18), principal strategic planner, NGAS. “As an alumnus of the MSF program, I knew first-hand the passion, energy, and pride MSF students bring to their work.” 

Not only did they value the opportunity, but alumni like Nolfi also lauded the MSF students for their constant creativity and fresh perspectives. 

In their first year, the Summer Clinics exclusively partnered with the consulting organization Deloitte. Four years later, the program now has eight corporate partnerships, including: 

  • Citi Ventures 
  • Deloitte 
  • Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Advisors 
  • KPMG Healthcare 
  • Microsoft Corporation 
  • Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems 
  • Savills 
  • The International Finance Corporation 

Brendan Sinko (MSF’21) noted the unique opportunity offered to him as a student from these new corporate partnerships. 

“The MSF Summer Clinics provided an outstanding opportunity to work with highly reputable firms and gain exposure to real-word experiences in various industries,” he said. “I personally recommend that students take advantage of this incredible opportunity in the future.” 

The MSF Summer Clinics also boast significantly enhanced alumni participation. Many former students now employed at these large firms act as a point of contact for current projects, coordinating with executives-in-residence and students alike to prepare a final 30-minute presentation for company executives. Projects highlight topics such as private equity investment, social impact and ESG investing, real estate finance, health care finance, valuation, product pricing, corporate strategy, and consulting. 

“We are grateful to all of our partners for their commitment to the Summer Clinics Program and for hosting teams this summer,” said Thomas Stowell, associate dean of MSF Career Management and Strategic Initiatives. “It’s especially rewarding to welcome back MSF alumni as partners. Their intimate knowledge of the MSF Program has allowed us to develop a broad-range of projects that tie directly to what students have learned through their coursework.” 

Jennifer Chisholm (MSF’17), business program manager, International Product Pricing, Microsoft Corporation, discussed her own experiences as both an alumna and partner.

“As an alumna, it’s been a privilege to partner with MSF students and I’m proud to see how quickly the teams tackled the problems with quality solutions in a short period of time,” said Chisholm. “This program enables students to look at real world issues and accurately model the financial impact of various decisions.”

Alumni expressed their sincere appreciation for each team’s desire to take on the various challenges each company faced. Andy Christopher (MSF’18), associate advisor, Dowling & Yahnke Wealth was so impressed with the solutions presented that the company expressed its eagerness to host MSF students next summer and into the future.

In another project, students were tasked with improving a commercial real estate market forecasting model for Savills. 

“The project benefited from the students’ diverse personal and professional backgrounds by bringing a fresh perspective to an old problem,” said Tim Mazzucca (MSF’17), assistant director of real estate transaction and advisory, Savills. 

Speaking to this fresh perspective, Cindy Xayavong (MSF’20) shared some of her own reflections since completing her second summer in the MSF Summer Clinics. 

“I’ve seen myself grow, become more confident, and approach problem solving more efficiently,” said Xayavong. “I look forward to utilizing the technical skills that I have developed for my future career.”

The MSF Georgetown Summer Clinics also offer a recruitment opportunity for corporations seeking employees with real-life experience backed by a top-tier education. 

“They love the opportunity to help train the next generation of finance leaders – as well as the chance to identify potential candidates,” said Bill Spinard, senior executive-in-residence for consulting. “In addition to the satisfaction of working with bright, enthusiastic students, our client partners get real value from the students’ practical recommendations.”

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