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Dian Masri (MiM'20) surrounded by colorful smiling muppets
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My First Job: The Puppet Producer — Dina Masri (MiM’20) Brings Sesame Street to the Middle East

Dina Masri (MiM’20) began her career as an intern at the International Rescue Committee (IRC). While supporting refugees at the IRC, Masri felt impassioned to help others. “It felt good to be helping people, and that feeling has stuck with me throughout my career,” she said. 

Now, as an associate producer of Sesame Workshop’s Arabic show, Ahlan Simsim, Masri produces the show while appealing to the current climate and challenges of children in the Middle East. “We try to give kids coping mechanisms with how to deal with big feelings and difficult situations,” she said. “The show is directed at mental health alongside education.” 

Ahlan Simsim is produced in partnership with the IRC, a full-circle moment for Masri. She develops content for many of the communities and refugees she previously worked with, and even had the opportunity to collaborate on creating a new Muppet, Ameera. 

“Ameera loves science and is an inquisitive 8-year-old who represents the numerous children with disabilities worldwide.” Masri said. “It’s been such a cool experience having the opportunity to be so creative, while knowing we’re having an impact.”

This story was originally featured in the Georgetown Business Fall 2023 Magazine.

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