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New Book Explores Innovation in Emerging Markets

Innovation is sweeping the globe at breakneck speed, and emerging markets are the site of tremendous growth and opportunity for the present and future. In Innovations in Emerging Markets, editors Ricardo Ernst, professor of operations at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and managing director of the Global Business Initiative, and Jerry Haar, senior research fellow at Georgetown McDonough, delve into the forces and drivers that shape innovation in emerging markets and present case studies, along with a summary of the key features and outlook for innovation over the next decade.

The book examines innovation as national policy, facilitating institutions such as universities, research labs, accelerators and incubators, and business associations, and firm-level innovation. Leslie Crutchfield, senior research fellow of the Georgetown McDonough Global Social Enterprise Initiative, co-authored a chapter on social innovation, in which she calls for collaboration among industry facilitators, companies, and NGOs.

Innovations in Emerging Markets breaks the traditional paradigm that innovation originates mainly in the developed world,” Ernst said. “The book advances knowledge of innovation in emerging markets as a major force in the global economy and provides a deeper understanding of the core issues for anyone involved in the private sector, academia, or public policy who is intrigued by the challenge and opportunity of innovating in our global world.”