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New Book Inspires Social Change for the Next Generation

In his new book, Good Business: The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World, Bill Novelli, former AARP CEO, author, distinguished professor of the practice, and founder of Business for Impact at Georgetown McDonough writes about how we can make a difference in the lives of others and make significant contributions to solving the world’s major social problems.

“Tomorrow’s leaders are in our classrooms today,” said Novelli. “The students and recent alumni of Georgetown and other top business programs are looking for purpose as well as a paycheck. Companies are responding to what these young professionals want and need.”

Detailing his process of changing career trajectory, Novelli draws practical lessons and principles from play-by-play stories of his experiences in large and small organizations. In his book, Novelli deploys his characteristic wit to stress the importance of building and maintaining connections with people and engaging them in the cause.

By taking the marketing and communication tactics long used by big businesses and applying them to social change, Novelli found that this strategy was not only good for the world but also good for business.

“Many of today’s business leaders are tapping into the power of purpose,” said Novelli. “They are building social and environmental strategies into their core businesses to improve financial performance, gain a competitive edge, attract and keep talent, and serve society. They are doing well by doing good, and it is their sweet spot.”

For more information or to order copies of the book, visit this website.

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